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You should learn to control your position scientifically

  Do foreign exchange currency getforexrebate also selected, Forex rebate for you po rebateforexindonesiat also has, the next is ready to place an order to buy but how to buy? Is all of it, the full position to buy? Or leave room to buy some? In fact, there is a lot to buy it, once Forexrebateforyou, certainly addictive, but in case of a fall, will lose a lot of money, so many investors often buy cashback forex, down bad and regret, but also often buy less, up less painful and chagrin so it seems, whether to buy more or buy less, will make some investors feel confused then, what kind of position is considered reasonable? There are so many points for reference: according to the capital position overall, regardless of the size of the capital, there is a position control problem, but in contrast, the amount of capital investors, especially to control the position as a top priority to treat the general situation, the amount of capital investors, try highestrebateforex to heavy positions, especially not full positions, at least not for a long time full position investors, can be in the individual can afford the risk Within the bottom line, the appropriate heavy position according to the position to determine the position size, there is an important basis for determining the general market point is generally speaking, when the market has risen a lot, in a relatively high position, to reduce the position, light position, the more up, the position to reduce; in the general market relative low, to increase the position, heavy position, the more down, the more position can be aggravated not to sell, small up small sell, big up big sell; not to buy, small down small buy, big fall big buy, is the reason according to the stock price position in addition to the above two points need to consider, but also consider the price of the target stock, according to the stock price to determine the weight of the position on the bullish stock, in the premise of the fundamentals have not changed, should take a high light position, low heavy position, the more you sell, the more you buy strategy, rather than go with the flow, people cloud I cloud, frequent chasing up and down of course Of course, the most critical one, or to be different from person to person, according to personal operating style to reasonably control their own position can be sure that if the position is well controlled, the operation can not only do in and out of the comfortable, comfortable, and mood will become very happy Why in the market ups and downs, there are always so some people can do up not happy, down not sad? Good control of positions, is one of the mysteries

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