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Xiao Zhang foreign exchange market gold record (8)

Editors words "Xunzi & bull; persuasive learn rebateforexindonesiag" has a cloud: getforexrebate to accumulate steps, no to a thousand miles; not to accumulate a small stream, no to become a river sea Ti steed a leap, can not ten steps; worn out horses ten driving, work in the body highestrebateforex not surrendered in the sea of Forexrebateforyou is also the same reason, to profit, do not be delusional to think that a step to the sky Forex rebate for youn the previous multi-spread net operation, my losses can be described as a lot, that also really let me understand the A truth: the human heart is not enough to swallow an elephant foreign exchange market is a changing market, you can only respond to its changes in order to get the right pay, if you think you are, do not follow its pace, it will certainly be hit by the counterattack of the currency market, and eventually end up with nothing so since that time, I will deliberately stay away from the currency market cashback forex look at others a lot of profits, I am very red, the heart can not help but have a few I am really the old saying that you forget the pain when you have a good scar Finally in July, I re-entered the ranks of the foreign exchange people just different from before, after returning to the old business, I became moderate, in the words of friends in the industry is shrinking, it is difficult to become a big tool every time the operation is a small profit or a certain loss and then exit, although there is no so-called big profit, but obviously less a few points of the original The fear of July 10, I bought 0.2 lots of EUR / USD at 1.3602, although this is a relatively stable currency pair, but once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of a well rope, I still have the sense to set a stop loss of 30 points, stop win 50 points soon, the exchange rate reached my stop price of 1.3652, I easily earned 50 points although later the exchange rate had a further rise, and even to the close of the market reached 1.3652. Even to the closing time reached 1.3727, but I do not regret, because I have earned what I should earn July 11, I bought another 0.2 lots of EUR / USD at 1.3743, also set a stop loss of 30 pips, stop win 50 pips but this time not so smooth, in the exchange rate close to the stop price when a big turnaround, all of a sudden fell below the purchase price, I saw a little Something is wrong, it will be in 1.3736 out of the market, a loss of 7 points I came out of the market, the exchange rate really fell below the stop-loss price I previously set, which inevitably made me a little complacent when I was happy than the stop-loss loss of 23 points, the exchange rate rose again and reached the highest price of the day 1.3786, my heart is inevitably a little unbalanced, but the spirit of Q immediately occupied my brain, not just a loss of 7 points Well, if the exchange rate did not rise at that time, it is still possible that I am now where to cry!  In the days that followed, I was more cautious, the currency of choice are generally non-US currencies in the more stable euro, and in the operation of the method to the short term, stop win, stop loss is set between 30 to 50 points for a period of time, but also had a good harvest, this may be the so-called accumulation of time, drip through stone it!  But the good times are not long, I began to be dissatisfied with each time that small amount of profit, there is no risk is not happy, no fun is not dangerous, I always feel that in order to have a big harvest, must have a big risk action so, I bought a lot of EUR / USD on July 18, with an entry price of 1.3767, ready to hold the long-term intention, and set a stop win of 300 points, stop loss of 200 points after the entry, the exchange rate did not appear But from the previous several short term operation of the EUR/USD, I am very sure that it will regroup and rise again in a short period of time, but this time the market is not as I predicted, after my entry, a while slowly up, and then range consolidation, from my exit price is still a long way away, but I still firmly believe in my own view, it will eventually rise, but in July 24 The day of July 24, the market suddenly changed, the exchange rate began to fall all the way down, looking at the fundamental news is still good for the euro, I still adhere to their views, until the exchange rate fell below my stop-loss price is like a bolt from the blue in the head, I finally had another repentance: making money is a process required, the rush to make a profit can not I went back to the original snowball money way, August 17, I was in the day of the August 17, I bought 0.2 lots of EURUSD at the opening price of 1.3402, and set a stop-loss of 30 points, stop-win 50 points not a moments work, the exchange rate reached 1.3452 stop-win price, but also for the previous loss to recover some losses Through these days of operation, I really understand the accumulation of time, drip through the stone of the truth, like me such a profit-oriented speculator, and not suitable for long-term The only way to have a place in the sea of exchange is to have a smooth operation mode of accumulating large amounts of money with small amounts of money.

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