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When should an investor stop trading for a while

For highestrebateforexvestors, there getforexrebate no more interesting topic than the point at which they should enter the Forex rebate for you, what positions they should choose to hold cashback forex entering the market and how they should handle their positions later in the market, also known as the three steps of investment, but in between investors rarely consider whether the current market environment is still suitable for entry? Is the time to enter the best? Is the risk of entry proportional to the return? Especially when the above three questions are answered in the negative, the investor begins to fall into confusion but when the market fluctuates significantly, the investors psychology begins to become impatient, the impulse to trade prevails, especially when the price fluctuations are in the direction of their own expectations, the impulse to trade can no longer be restrained, along with the sound of the keyboard, the battle cry blew at this time, the trader rebateforexindonesia no longer consider victory or defeat, the most The main thing is to have a position in their hands, Forexrebateforyou without a position, never let the market fluctuations have nothing to do with their own in this case, even if the investor achieves a profit, the method is also undesirable investment process does not only include analysis of the market direction, choose the entry point, grasp the timing of exit, etc., rest should also be indispensable in the investment process, to use a quote from a famous person is: will not rest will not invest 1, the market is in a trendless and irregular sideways state for investors, the market is in three states: up, down, sideways in the market is up, down trend, the price movement has a clear trend, the smooth trajectory makes us just passively to follow the market can achieve profits and when the market When the market is in a sideways state, the price does not appear directional movement, at this time, whether you choose to do more or short, with the gambling component, each with a 50% probability of following the right direction. The most important thing for mature traders is not to judge the direction of the market, but to manage risk. Risk management is the only and the most effective tool for market traders to survive in the market, so learn to manage risk in order to make their investment road more long-term. However, there are some risks that cannot be controlled by ourselves, such as natural disasters, wars, etc., when we have to use effective means to prevent ourselves from being hit hard by such risks. The simplest answer is to rest, short positions, although this makes us lose the opportunity to gain huge profits, but we also lost the doom of being eliminated from the market 3, trading repeatedly bad when the market is like water, the trader is a swimmer, and the swimmers water will vary, but whether the water is high or low there will be the danger of choking by the water as the saying goes, always walk by the river which is not wet shoes? Since you are involved in trading, you will have losses, many losses will make your mentality become bad, so much so that you have to trade frequently, looking forward to more profits to hedge off losses can be bad mentality will make the transaction more unlucky, at this time you have to do is to forget your previous transactions, to rest, to summarize, to find a new time to start over for the futures market For traders, the mindset at rest can be summed up in five words, that is, detached attachment, because attachment does not want to detach from the market, and detachment from the market while still attached to it but I would say that if you are still attached to the market, then detach it for a while, otherwise you will not be attached to it later.

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