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What is the true meaning of foreign exchange trading

A friend on WeChat to me said he did some forex trad rebateforexindonesiag, as follows: cashback forex do Forexrebateforyou also for many years, from the beginning of the a-share, Forex rebate for you then switched to foreign exchange, the deeper the understanding of trading, if you let me sort of words, money management ranked first, followed by the mindset, and then only after the technology forex trading the true meaning of what getforexrebate? This question reminds me of an experience that happened to me:  It was one day in the middle of 2011, when people were still in Beijing that day sitting in the back seat of Professor XXs car, sitting next to a more senior trading director of the company at the time car on the way to the financial street because at that time and Professor XX was the first meeting (in fact, after that period of time also did highestrebateforex meet in ......), in order to resolve the awkward atmosphere, Professor XX suddenly turned around and asked a question: "test you two a question, the nature of trading is what? You answer me before you get off, prompt you, four words!" At that time, although the road was a little blocked, but not too far from the financial street, the trading director next to answer the question very enthusiastically, said a lot of four-letter grid, shaking their heads one by one which helped me to exclude some wrong ideas, and finally I said a sentence: "buy low, sell high", Professor XX looked back and said a sentence. "Children can be taught!"  So when I saw this problem, the first thing that popped into my head was these four words: buy low, sell high and I think that saying buy low, sell high is the true meaning of trading, I think no one is against it ...... Of course this friend cited this topic, naturally, not to cite the four words, its is to discuss how to achieve the true meaning of buy low, sell high The true meaning of the trader, poor its career, in fact, to solve the problem, that is, this problem has been solved, there are also unresolved but I think the process experienced by and large the same way it Hong Kong stock god Cao Renchao (has passed away, in memory of) at the time to a very light-hearted gossip way to write a trilogy of wealth creation, three books are: on war, on the potential, on sex although it seems to be gossip, but later I occasionally think of When the name of the three books, can still feel a lot of wisdom A trader into the industry, the beginning will slowly try many indicators, experience are placed on the use of indicators, at this stage, very focused on the warfare, some people are good at summing up, summed up some of their own methods, began to gain a foothold in the industry, have their own place this stage, the trader care about operational skills  ;wait until slowly become famous, looking for your money will be more and more, at this time, you find it difficult to rely on some skills alone to meet the control of the size of the capital this time, to frequent trading energy is no longer enough, so, began to slowly turn to the proliferation of species, to seize the trend of thinking, trading less, holding a long period, rational judgment, to take into account the size of the capital in hand this time, the main point of profit put on the trend then later, found that the information on the plate alone, it is very difficult to accept more money, because there is no asset control, will make the capital curve very large fluctuations, and over time, there will be a lot of mentality problems at this stage, the trader began to think about the nature of the transaction finally slowly put asset management and risk control in an increasingly important position, and because of the long-term The sharpening of the mind began to calm, no longer have any waves; and the trading skills spoken of in the early days, but has long been simplified and placed in a more secondary position  you find no, this is actually not an evolutionary process, because there is a bottleneck in a bottleneck unsuccessful may be, this is a process of constant perception, constantly figured out the process  and a lot of people in the communication, found The growth trajectory of many traders are this way, or the same way and the growth trajectory of traders, and definitely not an even upward trajectory, traders, perception is very important I think the growth trajectory of traders, similar to the stairs, in an upward process will be stuck a card, encounter a bottleneck, perception of some truth, and then break a bottleneck, and on a step, and so on and so forth and in this process, the The understanding of the true meaning of trading will change That friend asked this question is ambiguous, can make people think that the question is two things: So, if you ask me what the true meaning of trading is, I will still answer low buy high sell, then how to achieve low buy high sell, I think by constant perception, perception, perception A trader can not read a lot of books, can not and the outside world Do too much communication, but if there is no ability to think and perceive, I personally think its bound to not become an excellent trader So, in many peoples opinion, there is to say that the capital management, there is to say that the mindset, there is also a suspicion that does not lose money, which is not everyones perception? Whether youve done the deal or not, from the heart or delusional, these are at least epiphanies, arent they?  For example, among the many ideas, I feel that each period will have some new ideas, and even some ideas will be some subversion of the previous ideas, but it does not matter, because there are some general things, no matter how long the transaction, I personally feel no change: for example, the following points:  1, even if the transaction is divided into each single, not just to open a position, close a position two actions The process of holding a position, which is the biggest test of execution and mindset of a single transaction; promote to each managed account, and not just a fragmented view of each transaction, but the entire process there is no logic of profitability throughout, which is the key factor in determining the profit and loss of an account;  2, the generalization of trading methods is a process from simple to complex, and then from complex to simple, but the method is not the Trading is not all, asset management and mindset occupies a lower position than the method to be much more important 3, trading, the so-called win rate, profit and loss ratio, and net asset value curve these things, are a result, the reference significance of the results of the latter may be quite limited but the win rate is low, the profit and loss ratio is unreasonable, and even the net asset value curve is not good, these are not the key to the problem, the key point of the problem is your The key point is your capital management strategy, method, corresponding to the specific trading variety whether there is a proportional trading results to match it and so on   these, are some long-term affirmation of my perception of course, there will be objections, which is normal, because everyones perception will be different, but this is all perception!  Over time, perhaps you will find that your perceptions in trading, will gradually penetrate into your life, and even sometimes it is not clear whether this is the perception of trading, or life perceptions, quite Zhuang Sheng Xiaomeng lost butterfly sense so if someone says they are trading and life apart, often I do not believe too much, because it does not meet the human understanding of perceptions and understanding Then a Traders, such as me, do long term trading, in life will also reflect a very calm, very rational, my friends often say I a needle poked into the foot, I guess I have to pass a couple of minutes before I will shout pain at the same time, will cherish the opportunity, cherish all goodwill, very tolerant of some malice, but for the decision is very decisive these embodiments of life, is not the practice in trading?  So, personally, I think that the true meaning of trading is constant perception, right, including wrong! Do not be afraid of what you realize, afraid of not thinking! Not to think not to perceive the trader can not become an old driver!  Finally, of course, when doing transactions, whether or not you can always do, remember to remind yourself to buy low and sell high!

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