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What is EA in forex trading

 EA highestrebateforex what EA is short for ExpertAdvisor, mean rebateforexindonesiag intelligent forex fully automated getforexrebate system The so-called EA intelligent forex fully automated trading system is your own or someone elses forex trading strategy with a special programming language (MQL) written into a computer software program (ExpertAdvisor), let the computer According to your pre-set conditions automatically for you to buy Forex rebate for you sell and trade, of course, the results depend on the design of your automatic trading system is good or bad at present, EA intelligent cashback forex exchange fully automatic trading system is the most advanced foreign exchange trading world, the most revolutionary changes in New York Wall Street, many large companies on the foreign exchange trader is not the main focus and time on manual monitoring and manual operation, but on the continuous preparation and The advantages of traders using automatic trading systems instead of manual trading, at least five signifi Forexrebateforyout advantages: Advantage 1: risk management and profitability than manual operation because of the intelligent trading system integrated a number of foreign exchange trading masters wisdom and experience, is standing on the shoulders of giants, its trading strategy selection and market judgment, position control and With the market judgment, position control and trading discipline, risk control and profitability will undoubtedly be much higher than manual manual operation advantage 2: fast because it is a computer automatic order, can ensure faster order, closing speed, can be more sensitive to respond to price changes and trend changes advantage 3: weak human weaknesses computer can overcome human weaknesses, the buy is to buy, the sell is to sell, no hesitation, no Greed, win is not arrogant, loss is not frustrated, to avoid emotional operation advantage 4: 24-hour non-stop monitoring of the market computer can monitor the market 24 hours a day, and at the appropriate time and point automatically enter and exit, completely without human intervention, you can sleep at night, peace of mind during the day to engage in other work advantage 5: prior to guarantee the profit can be said, EA intelligent foreign exchange fully automatic The most important advantage of the trading system, is to be able to guarantee the profit can make money is the hard truth, intelligent foreign exchange automatic trading system although not to guarantee a hundred victories, but because of the integration of the wisdom and experience of many foreign exchange experts, coupled with strict stop loss and risk control, position control, so there is no excessive trading, no emotional trading, no artificial manipulation of the inevitable greed and fear of winning or not and how much. The history of programmed trading, that is, intelligent trading, originated in the United States in 1975 with the emergence of stock portfolio transfer and trading, with the development of technology and the application of computer systems, investment managers, brokers can achieve a one-time purchase and sale transactions of stock portfolios; the 80s, programmed trading developed rapidly, the volume of transactions increased dramatically, because the software The use of analogy and the introduction of the stop-loss function has intensified the directional effect of the market; into the 1990s, the emergence of program trading as a competitive means of brokerage companies, the way the portfolio colorful program trading is the main trading method in the 21st century, and has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities of the capital markets in various countries, from the regulation and guidance, technical input and development according to the United States In 2006, according to AiteGroupLLC, 1/3 of all trades in European and U.S. stock markets were done by automated trading systems or algorithmic trading, and this percentage is expected to reach 85% by 2015. Algorithmic trading is also active in the foreign exchange market, accounting for approximately 25% of total trades in 2006. Algorithmic trading can easily be applied to the futures and options markets, with approximately 45% of options volume expected to be traded by 2015. Originated from the computer program bond market will also gradually introduce more algorithmic traders currently in mainland China EA also a lot, but the native EA in the technical or practical there are many shortcomings, many are to write a paragraph of their own technical content is very low, and is semi-manual, can only be installed in the computer operation but EA intelligent foreign exchange fully automated trading system development space is still quite huge

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