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What are the two premises of forex technical analysis

Any trad Forexrebateforyoug analys Forex rebate for you method, rebateforexindonesia even any academic theory exists its effectiveness of the fundamental premise of cashback forex highestrebateforex there are also two fundamental premises   (1) group behavior Western technical analysis is basically from the establishment of the Dow Theory began, John McGee and Murphy two of the Western technical analysis of the great integration, while Stephen Nissen will be the Japanese candlestick charts were fully introduced to the West, so the entire technical analysis framework can be established in the mainstream technical analysis framework outside of the existence of point charts and getforexrebate outline theory, as well as orthographic charts and other sub-schools mainstream technical analysis is established from the perspective of analysis of group behavior, so for the lack of market liquidity, for the monopoly dealer gathered in the market and species is not very suitable, of course, for this type of market But we need to remind you again and again that mainstream technical analysis assumes that the price movement in the market is the result of group behavior, and this premise is more important in wave theory  (2) energy constraints So, what is energy constraints again? In fact, this premise is mainly for the Western theory of patterns and wave theory and Gartley theory of these theories the most puzzling point is whether a specific number of waves must appear, whether the market must appear in the form of 5 waves in fact, according to our practice and statistics in the foreign exchange market, and even many other financial markets, 3 waves is the form of lower energy market operation, while 5 waves is the form of higher energy market So, in general, in the range oscillation market, 3 waves is the general form, while in the trend market, 5 waves is the general form So, how can we know the energy state of the market before the movement occurs? This is mainly from the driver analysis, that is, from the fundamental analysis to start with So, through the fundamental analysis, we can know the energy state of the market, know the state of energy, we can roughly choose the technical analysis tools with the target, while matching the corresponding market conditions of the trading method For example, the range market, our method is to sell high and buy low, while in the trend market, our approach is the opposite

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