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What are the three theories of technical indicators in forex trading

The concept of us highestrebateforexg indicators in forex trading, forex trading cashback forex indicators rebateforexindonesia nothing but two completely opposing ideas: one Forexrebateforyou the trend, one is the collation of the former is the use of convergence indicators led by the average, the latter is overbought Forex rebate for you oversold indicators so the key to using technical indicators is to understand their applicability and find the right technical indicators in different market rhythms forex trading What are the three theories of technical indicators? Fibonacci Inversion This is a widely used group of inversions based on numerical ratios generated by natural and man-made phenomena This phenomenon is used to determine the size of a rally or retracement between price and its underlying trend The most important levels of inversions are 38.2%, 50% and 61.8% Dow Jones Theory This oldest of the forex trading technical indicators believes that prices fully reflect all existing The knowledge available to participants (traders, analysts, portfolio asset managers, market strategists and investors) to be discounted in the markup behavior Currency fluctuations caused by unpredictable events, such as one of the gods, are included in the overall trend Technical analysis aims to study price behavior in order to draw conclusions about the future direction of the Dow Jones theory, which was developed mainly around stock market averages The theory that prices can be interpreted as waves that include three types of magnitude dominant, auxiliary and secondary correlations with time periods ranging from less than 3 weeks to more than 1 year This theory can also account for reversal patterns reversal patterns are the normal stages that a trend goes through to slow down its movement, such reversal patterns are graded as 33%, 50% and 66% Elliotts waves Elliottists classify price direction in terms of fixed wave patterns These patterns can indicate future indicators and reversals. Waves that move in the same direction as the trend are called push waves, while waves that move in the opposite direction are called correction waves.

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