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What are the technical analysis methods in speculation in foreign exchange

Speculation cashback forex the technical analys getforexrebate method is through the highestrebateforex Forex rebate for you volume of historical information based on statistics, mathematical calculations, drawing charts and other major means to determine the future direction of the market In general, technical analysis methods can be divided into five categories: K-line rebateforexindonesia, pattern class, tangent class, indicator class, wave class K-line class of research techniques is focused on a number of days of the K-line combination of the situation, speculation on the contrast between the power of the long and short sides of the market, and thus The K-line was originally invented by the Japanese, and is the most important chart for technical analysis. Many investors are often first exposed to K-line charts when conducting technical analysis. The morphology category is a method of predicting future price trends based on the trajectory of the price chart over time. From the price trajectory patterns, we can speculate what kind of environment the foreign exchange market is in, which will give us some guidance for future investment. The tangent line category is based on certain methods and principles in the chart drawn by the price data to draw some straight Forexrebateforyou, and then according to the situation of these straight lines to speculate the future trend of the price, these lines are called tangent line tangent line role is mainly to play support and pressure The role of pressure support lines and pressure lines of the backward extension of the position of the price trend to play a certain role in the restraint of drawing tangents there are a variety of methods, mainly trend lines, channel lines, the golden mean, etc. Indicator class to consider all aspects of market behavior, the establishment of a mathematical model, given the mathematical formula, to get a reflection of the intrinsic essence of the stock market, the number is called the indicator value indicator value The specific values and interrelationships of the indicators directly reflect the state of the market, providing guidance for our operational behavior of the common indicators are relative strength indicators (RSI), stochastic indicators (KDJ), smoothed moving averages (MACD), William indicator? Wave class is the up and down price movement is seen as the ups and downs of the waves wave ups and downs follow the laws of nature, the price movement also follows the law of wave ups and downs in simple terms, up is five waves, down is three waves wave theory is the inventor and founder of the Elliott

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