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What are the advantages of speculating in foreign exchange margin

Tips, investment in highestrebateforex getforexrebate margin eight advantages: (a) the investment target is the national economy, rather than the performance of listed companies (b) speculation in foreign exchange is bilateral rebateforexindonesia, Forex rebate for you buy up can sell down, can avoid the limits of (c) can cashback forex traded on margin, investment costs are light (d) the volume is large, not easy for the large manipulation (e) T + O trading (f) can grasp the magnitude of the loss (set a stop loss), will not be because no buyers or sellers to undertake (h) interest returns are high (the stock only pays four dividends a year). Not because there is no buyer or seller to undertake Forexrebateforyou incur greater losses (g) twenty-four hour trading, buying and selling can be carried out at any time (h) high interest rate of return (stocks only up to four times a year, while foreign exchange is if the investor holds a high-interest currency contracts, every day can enjoy interest) the advantages of foreign exchange margin trading: A, the worlds financial markets international foreign exchange market is unlikely to be part of the people, banks, foreign exchange According to the "International Monetary Fund" statistics daily global turnover close to two trillion U.S. dollars B, global trading daily international foreign exchange trading to 24 hours a day, from the East to the West non-stop on the investment, almost at any time, at any time according to the new trend changes C, the mass market foreign exchange trading participants, the size of national banks, central banks, financial institutions, import and export traders, corporate investment departments, fund companies and even individuals, so no matter rich or poor have the opportunity to participate in the sale D, high capital flexibility, high liquidity in up to nearly 24 hours of E. Two-way trading, flexible operation Margin method can be bought first and then sold, or sold first and then bought, buying and selling can be set up {Stop-loss order - control risk} and {Profit order - protect profit -In addition to the exchange rate fluctuations, investors can also buy the currency with higher interest rates or sell the currency with lower interest rates to earn interest F. Low cost, the maximum amount of foreign exchange margin can be expanded to tens of times larger, so you can make full use of the principle of financial leverage to facilitate the flexible use of funds G. Convenient trading, without the pain of hedging foreign exchange margin The purchase and sale is by telephone or online trading, so in nearly 24 hours of time, the investor can choose to exit at will, will not occur can not exit and be trapped risk, thus effectively controlling the investors capital risk foreign exchange margin trading has many advantages over the stock market: 1, the stock market can only be traded in the daytime during a specific period, generally 9:30 am to 4:00 pm especially if you

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