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Want to make money in forex trading You have to thank those small losses first

I really appreciate those small cashback forexes that occur continuously It Forex rebate for you these annoying small losses that keep those smarter traders than me out of the door of profit - financial empire really underst getforexrebate "profit and loss of the same source", is the trader The premise of profitability some times, profit and loss is not only the same source, or even the same body has seen many highestrebateforex rebateforexindonesias, back testing when the hit rate can reach more than 90%, in the premise of high hit rate, but also can have an overall profit-loss ratio of more than 2:1 without exception, these systems once put into practice, are losing money - otherwise, the worlds money are There are many reasons for losses, some of which are inadvertent right-to-left views when backtesting subjective systems, opening up Gods perspective; some are unknowingly using "future functions"; others, the backtesting time is too short, not experiencing the full "These are the reasons why profitable trading systems lose money on paper. If developing a system is often a matter of "bold assumptions and careful proofs", the "assumptions" here are actually the result of a lot of explicit and implicit thinking, and the possibility of a blind cat running into a dead mouse is not impossible, but very small. The first, a single transaction level, there must Forexrebateforyou no less than 1/3 of the transaction loss loss is the nature of the release of risk, therefore, a stable and profitable trading system, the amount of a single losing transaction must be guaranteed a high win rate trading system, which means a huge risk of collapse typical example is the "deadweight" Strategy, simply look at the win rate, will be very high, where there is no risk release channel, this strategy is not desirable small losses in a small amount of money at the same time, is essentially the release of risk trading system to be stable and profitable, this link can not be missing from experience, higher than 70% of the win rate tends to be biased towards "scalping", the risk release channel is not enough. The risk release channel is not enough, the skill requirements are also higher Therefore, a good driving trading system, in which the proportion of single losses should not be less than 1/3 Second, the overall performance level, there must be 3 to 5 times more consecutive losses In addition to single losses to release the risk of a single transaction, the trading system must also have a continuous loss, used to release the systematic risk Here are four implications: First, if there is no continuous loss, a trading system to release the systemic risk. If there is no continuous loss, a normal (but not high) win rate is not guaranteed. Fourth, only if there is a continuous loss, the trader has the stage to show the value of controlling the frequency and magnitude of losses is to save risk profits, is an important source of profitability trading system only if there is a continuous loss basis, the trader has the stage to show the double average system, for example, an important way to improve the double average system is through the channel (dynamic, static) This filtering process is the traders job without which the trader becomes an order taker and the fun of trading will be greatly reduced Thirdly, at the system development level, one must think about the trading system because it owes a loss to ones interests, hobbies, and habits In addition to numerical losses, there is another kind of loss that is necessary, and that is the cost of developing the system must be a loss to the traders interests, hobbies, and habits In addition to the cost of developing the system must be on the traders interests, hobbies, habits caused by squeezing the trading system stable profit, life "owes" is also a necessary link or several levels to say: literally stable profit itself is very difficult people without fun official more expensive, easy to go are downhill comfortable pat head can also create trading system, but you can rest assured that this trading system either can not pass the The traders and the trading system need to grind the process to go through the test of the real trading traders skilled in harnessing their own developed trading system, in order to get rid of hesitation, hesitation, can not hold a single and so on negative state development process, the traders will know the indecision, doubt, despair and other emotions, and then experience some nirvana, trading system to Iron Mans armor, as with the The process of refinement is like cutting, cutting, cutting and grinding, which is not comfortable to see: the so-called "stable profit" is a sustained and controlled loss - without sustained losses as a door. -Without sustained losses as a threshold, the profitability of the transaction will be infinitely diluted; without controlled losses, the profitability of the transaction will be infinitely spit back out the so-called "continuous progress", is a continuous, controlled deficit of their own - Without a sustained deficit, the mind will go with the flow, it is difficult to focus, unable to improve; without a controlled deficit, life will be out of balance, traders will also go off the rails profit and loss of the same source, the focus on the loss is like being a thief, both to eat meat, but also to be beaten, the focus on the beaten grasp this degree is difficult trading is a practice, just like life is a practice every trader is always on the road

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