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Unemployment rate

1)The mean Forexrebateforyoug of Forex rebate for you getforexrebate (UnemploymentRate) refers to a certain period of time all employed people have the will to work highestrebateforex still do not have a job labor force figures through the indicator can be judged in a certain period of time the employment s cashback forexuation of the entire workforce has been, unemployment rate figures are regarded as an indicator to reflect the overall economic situation, and it rebateforexindonesia the first published every month economic Data, so foreign exchange traders and researchers like to use the unemployment rate indicator to forecast industrial production, personal income and even new housing construction and other related indicators in the basic analysis of foreign exchange trading, the unemployment rate indicator is known as the crown jewel of all economic indicators, it is the most sensitive monthly economic indicators in the market  (2) interpretation of the unemployment rate in general, the unemployment rate If the unemployment rate is analyzed with the inflation indicator of the same period, we can know whether the economic development is overheated, whether it will constitute pressure to raise interest rates, or whether it is necessary to stimulate the development of the economy by reducing interest rates. If the unemployment rate figure announced by the U.S. decreases compared to the previous month, it indicates an increase in employment and a better overall economic situation, which is favorable to the rising dollar If the unemployment rate figure is large, it indicates a possible recession in the U.S. economy, which has a negative impact on the dollar In 1997 and 1998, the unemployment rate in the U.S. was 4.9% and 4.5%, respectively, and in 1999 the unemployment rate dropped again, reaching a 30-year low This indicates that the U.S. This shows that the U.S. economy is in good condition, which strongly supports the strength of the dollar against other major currencies In addition, the opposite of the unemployment rate figures is the employment figures (TheEmploymentData), of which the most representative is the non-agricultural employment data Non-agricultural employment figures for the unemployment figures in a project, the project mainly statistics engaged in agricultural production outside the job change situation, it can reflect the manufacturing industry and It reflects the development and growth of the manufacturing and service sectors. A decrease in the figure means that companies are reducing production and the economy is in recession.

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