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The Wall Street elite around the U.S. President

U.S. politics has always been called gold politics, as the political center of the White House, Forex rebate for you the f getforexrebateancial center of rebateforexindonesia Forexrebateforyou is inextricably linked between Wall Street not only through political contributions and other ways to influence the election, but also to export elites and other channels to influence political decisions; and the President also needs the Wall Street elite for its advice, to attract wealth and treasure not long ago, Goldman Sachs Group, former chairman Paulson The series of personnel changes have once again triggered people to think about the intricate relationship between the White House and Wall Street, no wonder Charles Keister, an expert in the history of American finance, wrote in his book "The History of Wall Street" that the theme of the history of Wall Street is the tortuous relationship between finance and government. But in the decades before the Federal Reserve highestrebateforex established in 1913, it was the J.P. cashback forex Consortium, known as the nerve center of Wall Street, that played the role of Americas invisible central bank. He inherited the mantle of his banker father, and Morgan developed into a huge trust across finance, steel, railroad transportation, manufacturing, mining, shipping, telecommunications and other industries in his hands, and Morgan became the most prominent figure on Wall Street. The market set off a rush to sell securities to buy gold, so the U.S. Treasury gold outflow quickly in large quantities, the treasury frequently in order to eliminate the economic panic brought about by the empty treasury, the White House at its wits end found old Morgan, begging him to help raise huge sums of money sophisticated old Morgan found out that the treasury deposit is very little has fallen into the crisis situation, decided to take advantage of the fire he manipulated Wall Street bankers to freeze funds, while proposing to the government by JP Morgan. While proposing to the government that the Morgan Bank replace the Treasury Department to undertake the gold bonds, the lions share of the harsh conditions, although the Cleveland President felt very difficult to accept, but still had to finally in front of the old Morgan bowed to the day of the agreement with the President, the old Morgan took out a large number of dollars to help the government to rescue the market, and from the market price difference of gold bonds in one go, a net profit of $ 12 million. A similar event was repeated in the 1907 run on the panic, and it was Morgan Sr. who, by virtue of his wealth and prestige, prevented the financial panic that would have dragged the U.S. economy into the abyss. It was this series of crisis events that prompted the U.S. government to consider that it could not rely too much on one man, but must establish a central bank. Andrew Mellon was the most powerful treasury secretary in U.S. history Mellons 12-year career as treasury secretary spanned the entire 1920s He was in charge of the finances of Presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover, and his unprecedented influence was jokingly described as three presidents working for Mellon Mellons Mellon Bank was one of the financial giants of Wall Street, the Gulf In 1921, President Harding recruited the 66-year-old Mellon to the White House as Secretary of the Treasury, and during his tenure as Treasury Secretary, Mellon kept doing one thing: cutting taxes and cutting taxes again, especially on high income earners. The 1926 tax bill, which Congress accepted almost in its entirety, involved lowering estate taxes and exempting oil and gas companies from income taxes. In the face of the unprecedented economic crisis, neither President Hoover nor Mellon could do anything about it, so people gave them a limerick: Hoover blew the whistle, Mellon rang the bell, Wall Street gave the signal, and America went to hell. Japans economic bubble for the Japanese, Donald Thomas Rigans name was once a nightmare in the 1980s by the Rigan-led trade confrontation between Japan and the United States, the Japanese eventually helplessly towards the appreciation of the yen, the economic stagnation of the quagmire Rigan was the president of the famous Merrill Lynch on Wall Street before he became finance minister, he joined Merrill Lynch at the age of 28, was just an ordinary secretary Rigan always publicly proclaimed: I After Reagan became president in 1981, the 63-year-old Reagan was appointed secretary of the Treasury at a time when Japan had a huge trade surplus with the United States, and the United States was caught in a passive trade war with Japan. The yen bubble, the Japanese began to speculate around the world, then Rigan used the large flow of Japanese capital to the United States to support the large U.S. fiscal deficit in addition, he also continued to pressure Japan to develop financial market liberalization plans to remove financial regulation Rigans series of initiatives, which ultimately led to Japan gradually fall into the quagmire of the bubble economy, the economic express suddenly slowed down, and finally lost the U.S.-Japan trade war In 1985, Reagan, who won the U.S.-Japan trade war, was appointed Reagans White House Chief of Staff, but the Wall Street elite could be the presidents money man, but not necessarily the chief of staff because of repeated conflicts with the first lady Nancy, Reagan had to leave after two years. In 1966, Rubin joined Goldman Sachs at the age of 28. He started as an ordinary employee and eventually became chairman of the company. The impact of the financial crisis in Mexico is one of his most successful cases, the beginning of his term, Rubin took over the hot potato at the time, the United States, Canada and Mexico just signed the North American Free Trade Agreement shortly, if the Mexican economy collapsed, will certainly cause a huge impact on the entire North American economic system However, the U.S. public does not have a sense of death, they mostly do not agree with the federal government to use tens of billions of dollars So, Rubin argued the pros and cons, and reminded the people of the seriousness of the situation on both big and small occasions, and predicted that the Mexican turmoil would trigger a wave of immigration.

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