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The trend of trading is the only friend

U.S. long-term cap rebateforexindonesiaal management company, known for its members highestrebateforexclude prestigious university professors, former Federal Reserve officials, star traders of famous investment banks Forex rebate for you even Nobel Prize winners in economics and the top people in the securities industry and yet it was finally remembered by h getforexrebatetory, cashback forex not as a legitimate success, on the contrary, it failed Long-term capital management company, which has many superstars, but They used economists, mathematicians and computer programmers to build a complex computer program to capture the subtle differences between the prices of financial instruments and their derivatives, and when the differences were discovered, they bought the undervalued financial products while selling short the overvalued ones However, such advanced computer technology In 1998, the firms capital was $4.8 billion at the beginning of the year, and by August it had lost only $2.3 billion, and by mid-September it had only $600 million left, and that was just on the books, so if it sold its assets to pay off its debts, the only way out was bankruptcy. The short life of Wall Street has a famous saying: do not fight the Forexrebateforyou means that in stock investment to follow the trend, look at the big trend, make big money in the bull market to insist on holding the main shares, less short; bear market to short positions, less for more Technical analysis is the ultimate purpose is to confirm the market and the general trend of the stock is up or down but technical analysis school of development to date, but this most basic point ignored, the Obsessed with how to accurately predict the next month, the next week, the next day, even the next hour, the next minute of the specific trend and price level, and therefore invented a lot of dazzling new technology and new methods, but in the end can not escape the fate of failure, hoping to determine the tide of a moment of a small wave drifting to where and how much fluctuation, too much attention to the use of skills and ignore the trend, the original is not a profound investment The reason for this is that the modern society is very competitive and the pace of life is accelerating, analysts are looking for their own positions and wallets, and in order to meet the modern dream of getting rich quickly, the method of accumulating wealth slowly and patiently by virtue of medium and long-term trends can no longer satisfy peoples increasingly greedy appetite, so it can be said that the weakness of human nature has doomed the failure of technical analysis.

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