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The technical analysis of foreign exchange misconceptions

we cashback forex highestrebateforex Forex rebate for you trading to determine the fluctuations in foreign exchange prices, the use of getforexrebate indicators for the operation of the exchange more directional so the use of technical indicators is every foreign exchange trading can not be ignored, but there are many foreign exchange traders think that foreign exchange technical indicators are omnipotent, can the foreign exchange market in every change that will occur feedback, but the fact is not the case, technical indicators are also For example, the moving average is one of the most widely used technical indicators in the technical Forexrebateforyou of foreign exchange, although the moving average is a very simple and practical indicator to respond to the trend of fluctuations in the exchange rate, but also has its shortcomings: for example, the moving average in the foreign exchange market oscillation phase (no trend phase) such as the market is prone to send the wrong signal Therefore, we must be in the use of The technical indicators of foreign exchange before understanding the use of the need to pay attention to the place A, the technical indicators of foreign exchange may arise from the problem In the foreign exchange market investors, whether they are investment experts or novices, it is impossible to 100% accurate use of a particular technical indicators of foreign exchange trading, a significant feature of the foreign exchange market is uncertainty, the use of technical indicators of foreign exchange may The problems that can occur:  1, in some cases the technical indicators of foreign exchange will lose the significance and role of reference 2, obsessed with the signals issued by the technical indicators, thus ignoring the price changes themselves 3, when the phenomenon of overbought and oversold, oscillating market in the middle of a high probability of a direct rebound 4, the technical indicators of foreign exchange serious errors: the direction of the analysis and the opposite trend of the exchange rate 5, foreign exchange Technical indicators of the intersection phenomenon: indicator analysis of two or more lines cross phenomenon, such as gold cross, dead cross, etc.  many beginners in the use of technical indicators when these problems will often be at a loss, or begin to doubt the correctness of the technical analysis of foreign exchange if the previous analysis of foreign exchange technical indicators too dependent, once the market trend is not in accordance with the predicted direction, it is easy to lead to The above situation is too dependent on any one technical indicator is not desirable, we can try to use the following measures to solve the problem:  1, repeated use of the current technical analysis of the market, to determine whether it is due to operational errors 2, the use of a variety of other foreign exchange technical indicators for analysis, if you can get and the existing trend in line with the situation based on this analysis techniques 3, if the use of a variety of foreign exchange Technical indicators after throwing does not meet the current trend, then pay more attention to international current affairs news, to see if there are unexpected factors Second, the misconceptions of forex technical analysis forex technical analysis some people just a half-understanding thought the whole mastery, in fact, forex technical indicators and forex technical analysis is a pair of mutual use of tools, but at the same time are independent of each other through the above statement we can summarize the forex Technical analysis of the three misconceptions 1. over-reliance on the technical analysis of foreign exchange methods through technical analysis also has its limitations, so you can not rely entirely on technical analysis 2. misuse of technical analysis of foreign exchange methods in the market dozens of hundreds of technical indicators of foreign exchange, foreign exchange traders should be when selective use of 3. When the time must understand the principles, and should not be rigidly applied, never adapt

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