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The seven-step strategy to stabilize the trading mindset

Step 1: When trad cashback forexg, it Forex rebate for you inevitable that you will worry about losing money after buying, in fact, even if the trading masters do a high probability judgment, there are such expectations exist, this situation is inevitable, but the scary thing is getforexrebate to lose money after buying, but not a principle of controlling rebateforexindonesiaes, so set a stop-loss countermeasure, with each transaction loss reaches x% or falls below a reference indicator After the resolute unconditional implementation, so that the loss in the case of controlled problem solved Step 2: With a stop loss, do not worry about the risk of uncontrollable, Forexrebateforyou worry about is not profitable, highestrebateforex continuous stop loss, the old capital also went a large piece, only see the stop loss is not profit is the most worried about this time the countermeasures to improve the quality of trading and thus improve the success rate of operations, improve the success rate of operations should go looking for The critical turning point of the fluctuations, that is, the largest fluctuations may run according to the current trend of some entry points (this is the core of all chart analysis, perhaps each person has their own methods and reference indicators, but the principle is the same) Step 3: improve the success rate, do not have to worry about continuous stop loss, you start to worry about earning when you earn less, especially if you miss the big market fees plus the difference between the two ends of the stop loss. Stop loss a higher cost than the theoretical calculation, so win if the profit is not enough still not enough to make up for the loss, or profit is tiny, can not be sure whether the long-term profit at this time the countermeasure is to try to make profits when the profit is expanded, if you can catch the big fluctuations, then the small stop loss can not hurt a few hair Fourth step: learn to wait, began to successfully catch some big fluctuations, not afraid to earn when you earn less, but at the same time also Appeared more by waiting and caused by the turn to win for loss of trading these losing transactions not only affect the mood, but also a waste of time and energy, the overall effectiveness of the transaction also has a significant negative effect at this time the countermeasure is to use the motto of never let the profit turn into a loss, when the floating win falls back into the price near the exit wait and see Step 5: the loss of trading less, but because of the flat out and miss the big market also more, a comprehensive Comparison, it seems better to miss those large fluctuations with a stop loss to a bo This is the response is to give up the motto of never turning profits into losses, instead of using a stop loss to boating large fluctuations further research to improve the placement of stop-loss points, while finding out the profit turned to fall below the purchase price and still can continue to wait for some conditions (Note: more conditions, the system becomes unreliable, there is a trade-off problem) Step 6: Specific Most of the problems are solved, the next concern is their own set of methods in the end can work to what extent, for how long? The countermeasure at this point is to implement your trading system in the past ten years on the historical chart simulation experiments to verify the modification, by later using the system to do more than 50 times the transaction, to reach the point where it can be stable implementation of the system principles without market interference Step 7: The system can be stably implemented, the total trading results are statistically positive, at this point are not worried about how the results of a single transaction, but has in the overall But there are still new problems, the worry is that once the market has changed in some nature (such as cycle changes, changes in the operating style of the main force) resulting in a change in the nature of the stock and the sudden failure of the system This time the response is to know how to go to the old and welcome the new, because the stock market is a place of perpetual change, no one method can win forever, especially technical analysis is a kind of operation with the wind, the only thing you can do is to maintain The only thing you can do is to maintain a fear of the market, always check the principles of your own trading system, when the results of multiple transactions are not normal, to confirm the emergence of new and special changes in the stock must update their own strategy The seven-step strategy mentioned above is to establish a systematic approach to trading the technical problems caused by the psychological barriers, and the actual operation, the closer to the stock market by a variety of other factors, such as the impact of the market The atmosphere, the main force of the in and out, the news of the shock, the market operation of the saw, may make a trader can not withstand the psychological pressure and give up using the system after research, so if the operation can maintain a kind of as if the mind, pay more attention to the system and less attention to the market, to achieve the price of the shares move the heart does not move, will be conducive to the stability of mind

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