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The relationship between money management and stop loss in forex trading

First of all, talk about stop Forexrebateforyou, for medium Forex rebate for you long term w getforexrebatee investors, stop loss may cashback forex superfluous, and do highestrebateforex need but for the financial traders to get mainly short-term and medium-term rebateforexindonesiareads, stop loss is a protective net for long-term survival, is necessary, but how to effectively stop loss, as well as minimize the frequency of use of stop loss, is the trader always need to think deeply and improve the key technology stop loss stop gain and stop loss may seem Simple, but in fact is very difficult, not handled well, will seriously damage your mindset and trading confidence, directly related to the trend and stability of your capital curve, it involves the core of trading, why? Because the real effective use of the stop loss must have a high level of research and judgment of the general situation, must be highly grasp the short and medium-term market buying and selling plate thrust of the center of gravity switching rhythm, hear? I believe that the real experts will immediately high five agree, if not, then you are still a layman, you should know what direction you should work in, has brought you to the critical junction, still floundering people, is not talented people and in todays financial markets, at least 80% of people, efforts in the wrong direction, including a large number of so-called veterans with newbies on my understanding of the widely circulated learning methods, most of which are crooked road, did not see the direction of effort and perspective, everyone is taking the road must be the wrong road, this is one of the truth in the field of financial trading, trading is the game, the game like playing chess (this article from: Foreign Exchange Institute), a thousand changes, the times are changing, the opposing ideas are changing, want to keep the odds, you can not stay the same, think clearly about the real effective grasp of the stop-loss point, must be deeply aware of The real difficulty is: not only to be good at grasping, but also to know how to finely quantify, quantify! This is the true embodiment of your level, otherwise you can not be relatively accurate, no relative precision talking about professional stop-loss, money management strategy is difficult to play only to ensure that the stop-loss point is rarely touched, you can do: do not strike is their own, a strike will win stop-loss point is the lifeline of leveraged trading, once you master this lifeline, you can easily pry the financial leverage to a very small amount of money to start rolling quickly, and only then can be considered top. And only then can be counted as a top expert, otherwise play a lifetime can only be a layman from time to time into a state of confusion if you can not see the trend, stop loss will only accelerate the rate of account shrinkage or even bankruptcy, but unfortunately, I have seen the book on the dogmatic stop-loss is all wrong, basically all amateur level, at best, is a psychological stop-loss, and the trend of the real side of the irrelevant, all wrong! But it is normal to think about it, otherwise market participants can successfully become successful traders, based on the nature of the market game, which is obviously impossible when to stop loss or take profit? Strictly speaking, as long as the trend has not changed should not stop loss or take profit, individual shares break and trend shift are two concepts, individual shares break is just a presentation of the surface of the stock chart, trend shift is not such a simple matter, but all the books are mixed up (this article from: Foreign Exchange Institute), and rarely see anyone suspect, because of this, the retailer is repeatedly played by the main force, the main force repeatedly break to kill the retailer and then pull up The problem is a hurdle in front of retail investors, who are destined to be losers if they do not cross over, and the book has become something harmful! In-depth valuable things should not be made public here, the old line can only remind: only to think deeply about this issue, think through to see it, you must be good at observing the whole market, it is possible to touch the core of the transaction! Money management is a strategic deployment based on the odds of personal trading system, money is a soldier, the trend is a hilltop, to win must be weighed from the overall situation, closely deployed dynamic deployment of troops! Deploy troops in a hill, calmly watching the short and long hissing until the trend changes, quietly withdraw in batches! The relationship between stop-loss and stop-loss and capital management is a big proposition, stop-loss and stop-loss is mainly to ensure the smoothness of the account capital curve, to reduce the ups and downs in practice is actually not very good quantification, more is to follow the basic principles of the premise of an art, because the trend itself is something dynamic, manipulation must move with the trend, the basic principles are as follows: 1, generally speaking, the amount of stop-loss in a wave operation is controlled at 2% to 3% of the total funds 2, the expected profit space for more than 3 times the loss space so as to open the space for batch opening and position increase!

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