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The program and function of foreign exchange gold trading

base highestrebateforex f getforexrebate the U. cashback forex. rebateforex Forexrebateforyoudonesia, British pound, euro, yen, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, the base trading currency against for Europe Forex rebate for you the United States, pound U.S., Australia and the United States (these three for the indirect markup, because the U.S. dollar in the back), the United States and Japan, the United States and Switzerland, the United States and Canada (direct markup, because the U.S. dollar in the front), which the Australian dollar and Canadian dollar for commodity currencies, meaning that the price of commodities and other influences (such as gold Oil, metals, futures market up and down), the set of interest currency called the Japanese yen (because of the low interest rate of the yen), speculation on the currency is generally easy to occur in the British pound, the Swiss franc sentence has a certain hedge function, and the euro is a mainstream currency (the plate is larger, not easy to be speculated) in addition to the U.S. currency is collectively known as non-U.S. currency Application, power digital provides the following solutions: 1) banks, exchanges 2) Education, scientific research and other units simulation teaching and testing 3) engaged in foreign exchange and other commercial institutions simulation of scientific research 4) engaged in gold, silver, foreign exchange, stocks, futures and other legitimate commercial institutions trading III. System components and functions.  1) Client: can be traded (place orders, close positions, limit orders, stop-loss, stop-win, moving stop, capital information, position summary, breaking news, announcements, warnings, reports, large print, change password, withdrawals, instant charts, k-line charts, line drawing tools, technical indicators, online withdrawals, change password, report view, calculator, notepad, drawing board, magnifying glass and screen keyboard and options (system Sound settings), graphical statistical tools and other powerful analysis and processing functions.  2) Backstage: The backstage can be used for user management (real clients, demo clients, AE accounts, online clients, position order management, close order management, limit order relationship, all parameter settings, data source management, fund management, news, announcements, reports, etc. The power lies in the analysis and statistical functions, which can be customized to set the point value, spread, interest, commission, interest, risk rate and other formulas and can be authorized Any account functions and permissions such as whether to trade, login, leverage ratio, custom commissions, etc. 3) Agents or brokers management: you can login through the agents or brokers management account, view the customers transactions, billing view, report statistics, increase the graphical statistical analysis, print the bill and other functions

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