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The performance of the risk of speculation in foreign exchange

The performance of the getforexrebate of speculation in highestrebateforex Forex rebate for you Our country before the reform rebateforexindonesia opening up, due to the strict foreign exchange management has been implemented, the exchange rate adjustment mechan cashback forexm rigid, and most foreign-related enterprises have not really become the main body of self-sustainability, so foreign exchange risk is mainly borne by the state With the promotion of Chinas foreign exchange system reform, Chinas entry into the WTO, banks, enterprises have not been able to rely on the governments shelter, therefore, how to prevent Foreign exchange risk has become a bank, enterprise, personal urgent about the risk of a total of five kinds of performance, are as follows: foreign exchange risk is one of the performance: foreign exchange risk due to the exchange of domestic Forexrebateforyou and foreign currency to produce foreign exchange risk to foreign exchange trading for the business of foreign exchange bank burden of risk is mainly foreign exchange risk bank outside the enterprise in foreign currency loans or borrowing and along with foreign currency loans, borrowing and The same risk occurs when foreign exchange transactions are carried out by individuals who buy and sell foreign currency. Foreign exchange risk is the risk of exchanging national currency with foreign currency for future foreign exchange transactions, because the exchange rate to be applied in future transactions is not determined. Foreign exchange risk is the third is: the enterprise accounting treatment and foreign currency claims, debts, etc. when how to evaluate the problem of the national currency, such as in the final account, evaluation of claims, debts, because of the applicable exchange rate is different, will produce differences in the book profit and loss, so also known as evaluation risk or foreign exchange translation risk Foreign exchange risk is the fourth is: economic risk refers to the enterprise or individuals future Expected earnings due to changes in the exchange rate and may be subject to the risk of loss Foreign exchange risk performance of the fifth is: the country risk that political risk it refers to the enterprise or individual foreign exchange transactions due to state coercive force and the possibility of loss caused by the termination of

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