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The old cliché about the problem of mindset in forex trading

Many people th cashback forexk that the key from the loss of goods to earn goods, the key Forex rebate for you to find out the right highestrebateforex opportunities this sounds difficult, the fact is also very difficult, Forexrebateforyou also very important but more important, is in the right trading opportunities appear before, hold down the heart of the impulse to trade, want to do a single, want to make money, let the market tumbling up and down, I am sitting still ability to say this is easy to say. But after the real trading, only to know how difficult the market clear-cut, certain trading opportunities are very few, the vast majority of people enter the point, in fact, plausible but getforexrebate, after looking in the direction of the two transactions rebateforexindonesia find an explanation to justify it, but the authorities a little biased, it must be obsessed, how to see how reliable, like a hungry man, all the eyes are fragrant, so that people can not help but want to Grab a bite can not control the hand that is eager to place a single eager to make money, even if you do a hand or right for a period of time, earn more profits, after the loss will be clean; this off can not pass, make money this thing will always have nothing to do with you to say one more thing, someone told me not right, the most critical is the mindset, I think this is a bit of reverse fruit for cause, because, good mindset, in fact, is the result of the correct transaction, rather than the correct transaction The reason there is an old saying: a good single will take care of itself, how to say? A correct single into the most common situation, immediately produce floating profits, even if the occasional rebound retracement, will quickly regain the lost ground, in the protection of the floating win, into the attack can retreat, mentality want bad are difficult to think back to the transactions they had done, when the hands of a single considerable profit, you have been like the hands of the loss of a single when the torment, minute by minute stare at the plate dare not leave for a moment, when looking forward to The illusory rebound/adjustment can let you unsettle? The trepidation and fear of loss is still fresh in your mind? In fact, you are still the same you, the level of power has not changed, but the mentality is very different, why? So, to protect the mentality, the cure, or to return to see the right to do the right up, no correct trading ability, empty talk about mentality, that is a wood without a source of water, or even just to cover their trading ability is not qualified a shame; On the contrary, when you have the ability to trade correctly, the mentality problem naturally does not become a problem, the so-called warehouse granary foot and after the knowledge of etiquette, there are The market is not for the purpose of sharpening the mind, to destroy human nature, profit, money, that is the purpose do not do it, the transaction as the purpose, and even the purpose of trading science, addicted to it forget the original intention, this is not good originally just to say that the key turning point from loss to win, the end pulled a few sentences mentality, but since it comes to the The conclusion: no mature trader will feel that the mindset is a problem How does the mindset problem arise? Mouth must say that the mindset of all of you have a long speech after a serious summary of thinking? In fact, the answer is very simple: trading mentality can be a problem, for no other reason than the risk in the transaction, beyond the reasonable range of traders can afford to control, so the psychological control, a variety of negative emotions can no longer be held back, and thus become a problem ( What is a reasonable range? The actual fact is that this range is objective, not subjective how bold people are, how productive a lot of people who talk about mindset love to take courage, trading and risk-taking mixed together, pushing the profit and loss is not haunted, when calm and self-confident, dare to strike can strike, which, frankly speaking, is actually a big performance of gambling, traders in the big taboo taboo to know a person if you lose the sense of pain, what risk all dare to risk, what formation all dare to break, the consequences are definitely not a hundred diseases. The consequences are definitely not a hundred diseases, but a quick death, and even worse, a death that does not even know how to die. The traders trading skills and trading discipline traders trading skills, determine whether his trading system is positive expectations; on this basis, trading discipline to ensure that the trading system can be faithfully implemented when both are available, trading is in the trading discipline of the track, the trading system cycle repeatedly performed as a result of the accumulation of a single, uneventful, no need to take risks. No need to gamble, naturally, there will no longer have the mentality of saying a beginner tightrope walker, see the Prince of wire Adili in the high wire as flat, and even sleep on it, think about the reason why they did not Adili cattle, because the courage is not enough, the mentality is not stable, so grit your teeth and take out the courage on the wire … how the results can be imagined to understand, Adili can sleep on the wire, not because he is bold, but because he is a big, but because he can sleep on the wire. Not because he is bold, but from a young age since the short pile on the flat ground practice, decades of exercise out of the high balance ability, walking on the wire comfortable ordinary people feel the thrill of the wire, in his eyes as flat, even if occasionally lose their footing can easily cope with, which has what dare to go? No Adilis skills, no balance ability, boldness and calmness of mind, the courage to walk on the wire can change the fate of the ultimate failure? Im afraid its just the opposite, the more subjective effort, the faster the objective death subjective obey objective, objective decision subjective, this is the basic law of the world, the field of trading can not be an exception, who is the main, who is the second, who is the cause, who is the effect, is sure to understand a clear understanding of the loss of some money to pay some tuition or a small thing, the beginning of the deviation of the direction, the foundation did not play well, and finally have to go back to make up for it, in vain wasted time The pianist Fu Cong had a minor problem with playing the piano, and he was aware of it, but no matter how hard he tried to correct it, he would always commit it unconsciously, but as his piano skills continued to improve, one day he found that the problem had not been committed for a long time, so he excitedly wrote to his father Fu Lei to report, Fu Lei hit the nail on the head: the problem depends on the conscious Note that it can not be solved, wait until the cultivation to home, will naturally be solved trading in many issues, including the mindset, are so "the great master manipulation", Li Fei Mo sat watching hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits back to the Azure, there is said because he has a good mindset? No, he stressed because his system told him that the bull market is not over, the market will eventually rise again, of course, indifferent; Aozawa recalled when he sat in the Treasury futures painstakingly waiting, an entry profit of millions, said because he was in a good frame of mind? No, he mentioned is personally hand-drawn countless K-line chart, the market is familiar with the chest, so eyes closed can seize the moment of the outbreak, eat a plate full of stress again: no mature trader will feel that the mindset is a problem to say the end of this, see can not see, read to see the chance of each person it, no longer on this topic verbose trader eventually to face only the market, what you believe, what you adhere to Whether it is correct, the trade list will tell you one by one, everything outside the market is a floating cloud Author: Zhao Si

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