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The four psychological factors that affect foreign exchange investment

  Preface: the high r Forex rebate for youk of the foreign exchange highestrebateforex has been recognized by most of the people, experienced people mostly agree that speculation is speculation psychology, the general idea is to emphasize the important role of psychological factors on foreign exchange Forexrebateforyouvestment with this correspondence, the foreign exchange market also circulates a lot of slang to support this view, such as the farther away from greed getforexrebate fear, the greater the chances of success, the greater the chance of success, the They cashback forex the most difficult enemy to overcome and so on  And in fact, including Warren Buffett, Soros, including investment gurus, always advise investors to reduce emotional impulses, maintain a good investment mindset and the foreign exchange market is still often due to psychological impulses and suffer huge losses in the case, a very small number of foreign exchange users and even due to psychological imbalance into a tragic…&hellip The investors their own investment behavior and psychological factors brought about by the loss, than other risk factors brought about by the loss of a greater. Laziness is mainly manifested in the mindset of getting something for nothing although everyone knows that there is no free lunch, but the vast majority of people still want to get a free lunch so they can not really accurately answer the following questions from the heart: 1, gold, foreign exchange, futures, stocks and so on investment is a business or a kind of gambling most people are looking at it as a kind of gambling but most people will never admit this in the mouth then we ask again 2, if you look at gold, foreign exchange, futures, stocks and so on investment as a career, then how much time and energy you put into investment preparation? If a person wants to be a mathematician, physicist, electrical engineer or doctor, lawyer, etc., the first thing they must do is to go to school to obtain the most necessary basic knowledge of gold, foreign exchange, futures, stocks, etc. investment is more difficult than the above professions, because the potential high rate of return attracts a lot of talent but how many people have paid more time and effort than those other experts to study the learning of the investment market? From this we can see that any investment species, do your homework and learn knowledge is the prerequisite 3, most people always want to inquire from friends, securities dealers, dealers or various other channels so-called inside information, or pay close attention to the so-called news in the newspaper If we ask, most of the information on this market is free, and free information is often worthless Moreover, any information on the market What do you think about this? Many investors are keen to listen to each others views on the market, and see what the people on the clouds, but not to carefully analyze if we say that listening to other peoples views have a hundred harm but not a benefit do you believe? For example, the market is a lot of comments, there are professional professional consulting service provider comments, there are some trading platforms to provide the comments provided by the generally speaking consulting service providers to provide more objective, because this is their source of profit, while the trading platform to provide the good and bad traders comments are only incidental, will not increase their profit point especially now our country this market has just begun, and even some We know that the source of profit for traders is the volume of transactions, so they will encourage investors to intervene in some of the more risky quotes, the more investors operate, the greater the profits of traders, but the investment market is risky and unpredictable, the more operations, the more mistakes and this short term speculative opportunities for ordinary people is very difficult to grasp In short, there is a variety of unproductive mentality In short, it can even be said that the ubiquitous do not pay hard work, it is impossible to get the corresponding return from the market, even if a short time to get, it is also very likely to pay later elsewhere II. May is wishful thinking its performance is mainly the following: 1, seeking news in their favor investors from their own interests, often have a subjective expectation of market trends, and therefore particularly willing to get their own favorable gossip In fact, experienced investors know that the vast majority of the so-called news, news on the market are for the benefit of a particular interest group and The reason why the wishful thinking is a losers mentality is that it is focused on the immediate future, and the market is always only concerned about the future 2, lost not to admit compensation, but also to increase the code we can often see that many people have a terminal illness, it is easy to fall for some charlatans believe in what the ancestral secret recipe or what supernatural powers many investors in knowing that they have been wrong after still unwilling to admit their mistakes The mistake that these people make is not to respect the market when one loses, that is, when the market clearly tells you to make a mistake the market is objective, the market is never going to end well respect for the market is an investor must be aware of 3, human nature has a tendency to only want to believe in their own subconscious willing to believe things, not the real thing only Willing to hear their own subconscious feel comfortable words, rather than the real words experienced investors know that a successful investment decision is often a decision to feel very uncomfortable decision making investment decision-making process is often a selection process in a variety of options available, there is always a program to make you the most uncomfortable in the vast majority of cases, this program often proved to be the most successful program after the fact III. Greed performance is very obvious everyone knows that greed is not good, but the vast majority of people can not quit greed greed is a manifestation of the phenomenon that we often see to earn small money lose big money most investors due to greed to make, when the money earned feel that the figures on the books is not as good as the bag, eager to take profits to close and when the loss of money and deadly denial, trying to regain the tie and lead to bigger and bigger losses experienced investors know that in Losing time to quit greed is difficult, and in winning time to quit greed is even more difficult Some even think that in winning time can not quit greed to get the final obstacle to great success investors controlled by greed, often suffering from a Wall Street called the market disease that is the desire to operate extremely strong desire to operate every day, and even want to do several times a day if any day or even a shorter period of time not to look at the plate, will feel restless, the tea does not want to eat. The performance of this greed is very common in primary investors this concept is seriously wrong, from the historical experience in the field of investment, frequent short term operation is a very risky market, do medium and long term investors have a better chance of making money and the spread of the current domestic banks are higher, more limited short term operation space greed is a psychological disease of many people, everywhere in life are insatiable in The currency market is also to earn the last penny, always hope to buy at the lowest point, sell at the highest point, the result missed the best time to buy and sell, not only earn money, but also likely to lose money on the currency market, the highest point and the lowest point is fleeting, investors do not have to seek, but the relative low and the relative high point of the existence of time is longer, easy to capture the currency market has many famous words, teaching investors not to be greedy, such as the head of the fish and fish tail to others, greed will lose four. Fear of fear refers to the fear of most ordinary investors in fact, experienced investors also have fear, but their fear and ordinary investors are the opposite of investors are afraid of the market, but not afraid of themselves they are very fearful of the market, but very confident in themselves ordinary investors are the opposite of ordinary investors have no fear of the market, so often buy at the highest point, and sell at the lowest point but they also have fear, that is, fear of themselves In the market rose again and again to reach close to the highest point, they are afraid they miss the bus and not afraid of the market has been very vulnerable so always in the high hedge, and is a heavy position while in the market fell again and again close to the lowest point, they are afraid of the end of the world and eager to withdraw to escape so, successful investors greed and fear, only the opposite of ordinary investors investors are in the ordinary investors greedy when afraid, and in the ordinary Investors are afraid when greedy ordinary investors are also afraid of the performance of investment decisions both hesitant and easy to impulsive which is the same weakness of different performance which means that ordinary investors are very easy to infect each other, thus showing a strong group When peoples emotions are infected with each other, reason will no longer exist above said laziness, willingness, greed, fear, to completely overcome is impossible, because they are But their degree of performance can be controlled successful investors are able to successfully control them in a moderate range, so that it does not affect the rational thinking reasoning is simple, but very difficult to do because it requires a person can transform themselves out of the bone, just like the popular social quit smoking, weight loss, in fact, the method is not complicated, but how many people can persist in the end? So, in a word, to defeat the opponent, we must first defeat themselves can not defeat their own people, is never in the investment market finally successful to the majority of investors a sentence: three points by analysis, seven points by operation

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