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The difference between DMA and STP and ECN in forex trading patterns which one is better

In the foreign exchange Forexrebateforyou, there are two concepts about Forex rebate for you, one highestrebateforex the DMA indicator, mainly used to analyze the foreign exchange market volatility trend aspects; the other DMA is a cashback forex getforexrebate, which belongs to a kind of NDD model, this article will introduce you to the DMA model What is the DMA model?DMA (DirectMarketAccess), that is, direct market access The DMA model, or DMA for short, as the name implies, allows platform providers to bring investors directly into the interbank market to trade with a number of the worlds leading banks, which are bidding against each other in an exchange-like environment The DMA model allows retail forex traders to have direct access to the forex market, so that traders can trade with liquidity providers (banks, other brokers, market makers, etc.) In this model, electronic devices transmit information about the price rebateforexindonesia viable quantity of the traders order directly between the bank and the buyer Whether it is an institutional bank market or an individual retail forex transaction, the transaction will be conducted in a transparent, low-latency environment that allows customer orders to bypass intermediaries and reach the market, which is a market where multiple tier-one banks bid against each other This market is the result of multiple first-tier banks bidding against each other and quoting each other in an environment similar to an exchange, regardless of the size of the customers capital, whether it is 10,000 or 1 million, regardless of the size of the monthly trading volume can go to the pool equally, each trader is on the same level to trade, but also to reduce the cost, because bypass the middleman, but also to provide a more transparent trading experience DMA and The difference between STP and ECNDMA, STP and ECN all belong to the NDD model, so what is the difference between them?The difference between DMA and regular STPSTP, the brokers technology for processing systems through straight-through, regular STP brokers allow traders orders to be executed internally on an immediate execution basis first, and then hedge those orders through their liquidity providersWhile the DMA model In DMA mode, traders orders are routed directly to the liquidity provider (at a fixed value with a slight markup) and executed at market price, so that all orders are filled at the best of all prices offered. In addition, DMA technology is distinguished by the fact that it displays the real trading price and there will be no secondary quotes. The DMA model has lower transaction costs, as the DMA broker enters into separate contracts with each liquidity provider, and the same liquidity provider enters into different contracts with different brokers, so there is no middleman to earn the difference, which results in lower transaction costs. The DMA model is an NDD model that brings investors directly into the banking market, and all quotes provided are free from manipulation and intervention by the brokers back office. DMA is a more transparent way to let market participants know exactly who they are trading with and that there is no conflict of interest between the parties DMA mode disadvantages DMA mode of trading will allow the entire trader, the entire market participants will not have a conflict of interest, so that everyone more consistently and steadily go their own trading strategy, to achieve the entire market win-win for all parties DMA mode for the use of the object of the amount of capital has very high requirements If a trader wants to trade with leverage, he or she must find a broker willing to provide leverage for an average retail forex trader with only a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in trading volume. The real reason for this situation is that no bank, whether JPMorgan or BNPParibas, is willing to give back any compensation in case of slippage. To anyone, because the price of each order is executed according to the prevailing market conditions to become a DMA platform trader conditions at present only a few retail foreign exchange brokers in addition to providing customers with the traditional trading model and trading algorithms, but the number of platforms that really fully realize the DMA trading model is not much, which is mainly a matter of qualification international banks for The requirements for providing quotes are very high, not only to achieve a certain trading volume, but also to have the appropriate qualifications, such as the industrys operating time, a good record in the industry, success stories, no complaints, etc. The DMA model requires a high cost of access to the bank, but the retail traders do not have enough spread profits, so generally use the DMA model services are large traders and institutional clients, etc. Therefore, for an ordinary retail forex trader with a trading volume of only a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, this DMA trading model is not very suitable, this situation makes the development of DMA brokers is limited DMA model is the essence of multiple banks to provide quotes to bid, so that customers to a lower price deal, and multiple banks to provide quotes means that the platform trader The DMA model has many advantages, but there are many requirements for the users of the DMA model, at least in terms of the amount of mini accounts, small accounts are very difficult to achieve, the use of this model are generally some large traders or institutional companies because of this model. However, the DMA model is recognized as the "most ideal", "most transparent" and "most fair" trading model for Forex trading. Fair" trading model

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