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The difference between cash and foreign exchange in foreign exchange trading

Why is there a difference between cashback forex and highestrebateforex Forex rebate for you getforexrebate foreign exchange trading? Why is there a difference between cash and foreign exchange prices in personal foreign exchange trading?  The foreign currency banknotes can only be transported abroad to play a role in payment, and the bank needs to bear the freight, insurance, interest and other costs, so banks generally have to be certain differences in the price of personal foreign exchange trading. At present, in order to provide the greatest benefits to the majority of residents for personal live foreign exchange trading transactions, personal live foreign exchange trading cash and cash prices are the same 2. The exchange between cash and foreign exchange can be done rebateforexindonesia individual foreign exchange trading business?  According to the relevant regulations of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, cash cant be exchanged for cash at will.  Guangzhou branch of the spread as an example: Specific situation: existing a customer hands have Forexrebateforyou 600,000 yuan, want to through the foreign exchange through the real trading business exchange into AUD Analysis is as follows: Method one, the customer can through two straight trading its HKD exchange into AUD, that is, HKD→USD→AUD Method two, the customer can through a cross plate trading its HKD Directly exchange into AUD Specific calculation: 1. According to method one, through straight trading: the customer has HKD600,000 yuan, should belong to the large price USD/HKD: 7.7960/7.8000AUD/USD: 0.6580/0.6592 First the HKD into USD60÷7.8000=7.6923 Then the USD into AUD7.6923÷0.6592=11.6691 that the customer can trade through the straight deal will be in the hands of 600,000 HKD to 116,691 AUD 2. According to method two, through the cross-trade: the customer has HKD600,000, should belong to the large price AUD/HKD: 5.1285/5.1375 will be converted to HKD AUD60÷5.1375=11.6788 that the customer can through the cross-plate transaction in the hands of 600,000 yuan of HKD into 116,788 yuan AUD. 116788–116691=97 customers can get more than 97 AUD Summary: from the above example is easy to see that the HKD as the base currency of the cross-plate transaction than through the straight deal more cost effective  

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