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The core secrets of winning and success in foreign exchange trading

All successful people are paved with many losers, the f highestrebateforexancial speculative Forexrebateforyou Forex rebate for you even more so, which is the basis of the market cycle; the market is full of losers, some say that financial cashback forex is the grave of the buried elite for the fundamental reason that even elite people in the investment market is difficult to transcend the human nature of fear getforexrebate greed speculative market reflects life reflects human nature in speculation The trading market to do the right thing is against human nature, to change the inherent concepts, to precise thinking to judge the complexity of things in the trading of deep-rooted old thinking will inevitably produce intense conflict with the new ideas we have to learn to put aside distractions, put aside the old ideas in the brain, a complete change of their own from learning methods, habits, ways of thinking, eating habits to deal with people to change, to achieve The most important thing is the concept, the correct concept will win, the successful people just develop habits that the average person does not like and rebateforexindonesia not do it if an investor can not transcend their instincts, change their own concepts, change their behavior is impossible to achieve real success in the investment market if not change the inner appearance of change is The famous psychologist Maros said, if the heart changes, your attitude will change, attitude change, your habits will change, habits change, your character will change, character change, your life will change, shed your obsessions in order to turn around only a complete transformation to seize the main contradiction of things, from the complexity of the search for the key to things you do not know that you are you, so you are you someone A lifetime of continuous exploration of the market, but never took the time to understand themselves someone never understand that failure does not come from the market, in the market themselves lost to their own peoples greatest enemy comes from within their investment market is different from other aspects of social life, when people engaged in any other social profession, human weaknesses can still be disguised in some way, but in the investment market, each person is bound to their own Human weaknesses are fully expressed in the public bidding is a public display of human nature a K line, two colors, three parts, four prices are fear, greed, anger, hesitation, desire, ignorance and prudence, wisdom, knowledge, awareness after a fierce fight on the plate traces left in the trading of human greed specifically: 1, heavy trading, frequent trading, expecting to get rich overnight 2, earn a little money to lose a lot of money When making money, think two birds in the woods is better than a bird in the hand, eager to take profits to close and in the loss of money is not willing to leave the field with a small loss but tightly hold the loss single, hope that the price back to the opening price near the money and then close the position, and lead to losses more and more big 3, afraid to miss the market and go against the market trading through their own behavior in the market can help you know themselves and know themselves more thoroughly, you will be closer to the essence of the market Human weaknesses in trading, which is the innate nature of man, want to completely overcome very difficult human history of outstanding figures such as Newton, Einstein, Churchill, and Chiang Kai-shek have suffered setbacks in securities investment Newton said afterwards: I can calculate the orbit of the celestial bodies, but can not calculate the madness of human nature in the chaos of the market, the mind follows the situation is annoying, the situation follows the heart is happy too much desire too much The only thing you can control is your own heart, so you can see how valuable it is to stay rational and sober in the market, and to become a winner must overcome their own human weaknesses to control them in a moderate range dare to adhere to independent, rational thinking Warren Buffett said: we will also have fear and greed, only when others are greedy we fear, when others are afraid we greedy Financial trading is the art of shaking the soul of human nature, need to be able to crack the cultural code of higher thinking space what kind of cultural attributes determine what kind of thinking and action and therefore determine what kind of fate technology, culture, temperament, financial strength is the core elements of investment through the society in turn there are three levels, technology, institutional culture, from a small person to a large country, any kind of fate is the kind of cultural attributes Product strong culture creates strong, weak culture creates weak This is the law of quantitative change is not difficult, slowly accumulate on the difficult is the qualitative change Many people do not know how to do things, just by the level of knowledge, experience and experience of all kinds of limitations short-sighted, only focus on the immediate interests, more undesirable is that these people think things, in front of the interests of the limit count, lifting light and weak too much focus on the skills of rigor, obsessed with the appearance and Deviated from the essence of things lack of judgment on the core laws of complex things is unable to look deep and far lack of wisdom of the successful is not destined to do great things! What you see is what you get, your level of knowledge to what extent, that is, you can get the investment income fate in their own hands, only they can save themselves everyones life trajectory, fate is not so much the arrangement of the upper warehouse, rather than their own mastery of the achievement from the foundation, from the accumulation, from the opportunity depends more on their own grasp and how to grasp is a & lsquo; gnosis & rsquo; Word when the head of the enlightenment is what? It is the way! Is the law, is the original nature of things is deeply hidden under the appearance of all kinds of cause and effect to get the way, contrary to not how to raise awareness? In fact, people who see through the appearance of things are constantly experiencing the process of awareness and enlightenment, because they have a big heart and a big world. Knowledge without wisdom is not good trading do not only focus on technology, but also to practice the philosophy of life first know after knowing, first aware of the truth to awaken others, wake up friends in the lost path, the same return to the road of awareness everything is variable, the only constant is our true nature Zen cultivation of the heart, the road to nourish the nature of a religious consciousness to analyze human behavior, to understand the human mind to help us recover the wisdom and awareness of the true nature of self Open wisdom to eliminate karmic obstacles in the market most people know technical analysis but also can not escape the fate of loss, they are defeated in the mind to grasp this level needs to be Buddhist teachings on the edge and enlightenment, people with such wisdom will eventually become a master of trading Zen word to explain up, called thinking to repair, is to use the mind to think about that one truth, to repair their own heart; also called a mind, is the heart of the thoughts, dedicated to a truth, no This is a kind of fixed mind method is to practice your determination, patience, perseverance, confidence only after this level, you can see that the first, second, third, and fourth meditation of the high and low, that is, according to the practice of meditation of the depth of merit respectively out of the awareness to, enlightenment, learn to do the so-called true scriptures is to achieve the fullness of the law of silence and emptiness nirvana can be enlightened can not be cultivated to become a Buddha with the eyes of the Buddha to see, with the mind of the Buddha to think. With the Buddhas mind to think, the spiritual heart is in your heart Buddha is enlightenment is not everyone has enlightenment seeking enlightenment for the clear nature in the knowledge of the practice to line mandatory, enlightenment to the nature of the implementation, the awareness of the mind from the law, the practice of the law to control the heart of the great enlightenment is through the sincere practice eventually get complete enlightenment got the supreme wisdom, but the view of the self is the most simple and direct method of enlightenment thought to be a dead reason to convert the mode of thinking to get thinking another very large level To enhance enlightenment is a process of changing views and thought patterns sudden change in concept is the great enlightenment enlightenment is to have known the existence of the Tao, that is, to have known what is the Tao and can sincerely follow the Tao and never abandon God is created according to human needs, God does not exist, is a spiritual trust, God is the Tao, the Tao law of nature a person should set the heart section, the pursuit of their own heart to continue to move forward, and eventually can see the Tao The human heart is the Buddha epiphany to see the nature of the heart is the desire, God is the realm, God is himself, is a blend of cultural experience and talent trading can not rely on skills alone can be successful, only continuous learning and internal reflection, thinking about the pursuit of intelligent people have the opportunity to have wisdom there will be wealth and happiness all the laws of the world should be done as a view who violated the laws of nature who deviated from the good end of the righteousness of the fruit in trading all the judgments are made by themselves We usually make mistakes in the practice of judgment so the probability of success depends on the size of the error in the market to channel different thoughts is the key issue is also a major issue in determining victory or defeat to establish the right belief, enlighten the right wisdom, implement the right action, lead to the right consciousness in trading to join the long and short camps are influenced by the power of thoughts, a thought can go to heaven or let people go to hell the logic of modern speculative success of the mind, is the assumption that the public This is the fundamental success of speculation, the mind with the right idea to overcome and transcend the ego in order not to repeat the previous mistakes, so enter a good mind can help us know what we want to do and what can be done are two different concepts, to avoid errors in judgment, so that your hearts desire to quickly achieve the mind comes from a persons talent, spirituality, insight, imagination, rigor, but also The need for a good mindset, high EQ and resilience insight comes from knowledge and experience, knowledge and experience is the accumulation of time Why face the same problem different people produce different judgments and the same person facing the same problem at different times judgment are different? This involves a persons comprehensive degree of cognition of things successful trading is a person has the depth and width after standing in a higher level of dialogue with the market financial market master fate of the person is himself! When you have in front of things: discernment, adaptability, thinking, judgment, feeling, logical thinking ability, the concept of survival of the market will be deep in your heart, your mind power will be incomparably strong your trading level will also reach a higher level you will be able to stand on the conditions you can master to judge their own operations and the future This is when you read the language of the market when you open any of the charts The market is like a friend or lover you know very well, you can feel its breath in the plate, its heartbeat every day watching the plate, it will whisper to you, it is a communication on the soul, so much so that it is impossible to explain to others in clear language, you can immediately know what the market is doing, and can quickly determine from a variety of clues whether the markets intentions can be achieved this is when you understand the trading ideas The core, in the transaction before the absolutely thorough planning and deployment, at the right time, the right location, with the right force, the vital and weak places to launch a general attack a field to know will win no absolute certainty can not launch a general attack, and once launched a general attack, we must pay the price of their psychological ability to bear, using the inertia of the market, chase, multiply! Wait until the market pile of energy released all the winnings to close positions to achieve the bullet-free is no longer what the ideal gain will exceed the level of most people financial speculative trading is definitely an art, a philosophy, only those who understand the transformation of yin and yang people high people can do something in this market! The law of man, the law of earth, the law of heaven, the law of the Tao, the Tao of nature! People come from nature, so lets take the law and nature, she can bring us all the inspiration about financial speculative trading! Financial trading is the most difficult profession to succeed in the world, because it involves the human psyche, our human nature, and these are the most esoteric things in the world! The very Tao that belongs to Lao Tzus Tao! You know it exists, but you can not describe it, you can only rely on the feeling! The true meaning of financial trading is: more than the big picture (follow the trend), more than patience (the choice of opportunities), more than meticulous (the grasp of the entry point), more than courage (the opportunity to appear can not hesitate), more than thinking (to respect the opponent, think about the problem discursively), more than the will (hold positions behind the attitude towards the shocks), more than the mentality (after losses do not defy, do not try to make the market immediately return losses, do not try to retaliate against the market), more than Calm (do not be proud after a win, the market earned the most easily returned to the market) … … … … we can often see all kinds of such people came to the speculative market: full of gold teeth of the coal boss with a senior cigar said: I have plenty of money, money is definitely not a problem I want to ask this big boss, copper rose from 40,000 to 80,000, you There is no money to carry short orders? A doctorate in finance from a major university came to Speculation Island and said: I am a doctorate in finance from a major university, can I learn to trade well in one months time? Speculative Island celebrity Miss Anteng is always saying that I successfully developed a success rate of how high, how many billion times the software indicator system … … such people, came a group and left a group … … … … … in fact, in front of the market, I count what is a thing? The market is a godsend! Why should I presume to guess the market? The market is a godsend. Why should I want the market to give me wealth? To do well in financial trading, we must try to do without me! Because there is no ego, so no desire, no demand for the market is always right, always go in line with the direction of the market! I bet that eighty percent of traders can judge the potential will also be homeopathic then how the market is to eliminate most homeopathic traders to achieve the purpose of their own survival? The answer is this The following are seven reasons why homeopathic trading can also die: 1. First of all, we need to understand what is potential potential is a simple generalization of the graph to determine whether the graph is up or down more than 80% of traders in the textbook to help them determine the direction of the graph The problem is that only the direction of the graph will be judged simply not enough 2. Any graph, we can do spatial analysis, they all exist direction, the Volatility, the center point of these three elements to do trading, we have to have a stop loss, this stop loss to be outside the volatility 3, now the premise is that the trader has judged the right potential, judged the right direction for the profit and loss ratio traders, if your entry point in the graph above the center point, then your profit and loss ratio is 1:1, in the long run, your stop will exceed your stop loss if your entry point is far more than the center point, then your profit and loss ratio is greater than the center point. If your entry point is below the center point, then your P/L ratio is less than 1, and you will lose in the long run, even if you follow the trend. That is, for P/L players, even if you judge the trend, even if you trade with the trend, if your entry point is below the center point, you will die if you trade with the trend. The key is whether you can judge the graph, in the upper half of the graph edge entry, above the center point entry otherwise you even homeopathic trading, the same will die 4, we look at another kind of trading grid trading grid trading is characterized by a small stop-win large stop-loss homeopathic grid trading is characterized by a stop-win in the lower region, not stop-loss in the upper region, stop-loss outside the volatility so that the probability of a stop-win is far greater than the probability of a stop-loss Even if you are a network trader, you have to be able to judge the potential, otherwise your win rate is not enough to offset the stop loss. After judging the potential, if your entry is not above the center point, in the long run, your stop loss will still not be offset by your win total. Can I win if I can judge the trend and enter above the center point? The answer is no if your stop loss is too small to be outside the graph volatility, or if the volatility of the graph you choose to enter regularly exceeds your stop loss, you will still lose so the premise of winning is that you have to have enough ability to judge the graph volatility, to have enough stop loss stop loss is too small, you can only lose forever many people are wrong on this fundamental path, so there is no possibility of winning, no matter how hard he tries Stop loss represents your future ability to magnify the winnings, the market as a whole has control over the size of the stop loss too much leverage can only correspond to a very small stop loss, and the result of a very small stop loss is bound to lose so big leverage will lose, too small stop loss will lose is not a problem of trading ability, but fundamentally wrong, just like trying to break the conservation of energy, there is no chance most traders have no way to understand that big leverage and small stop loss Stable winnings can eliminate the market choose a large leverage or small stop loss, all means trying to break the law of conservation that is, homeopathic trading small stop loss or large leverage, will die 6, because of the spread, if the trading graph volatility is too small, then the center point is too close to the edge point, so your probability of being above the center point is too low so, over-frequent trading and very short term trading there is no way to win unless you can find the market BUG., the use of certainty, the use of probability to obtain victory that is, over-frequency trading and very short term trading, because of the spread, even if the trend, will die 7, what is the graph? The graph is the result of the nirvana of the trading behavior of market participants. Each graph has its own formation principle. Each graph, after a certain period of time, may mutate. A trader may learn an arbitrage method to profit, but over time, if the arbitrage method does not change without correction, then the arbitrage method will fail, not profitable graphics traders who can not adapt to changes in the graphics, understanding the new graphics, then in the future, he will still die arbitrage trading has a certain statute of limitations, graphics trading also has a certain statute of limitations this statute of limitations is relatively long, generally more than a year trading competition is the ability to judge the graphics, judge Good graphics volatility and edge, is the prediction of graphics If a persons ability to summarize graphics and interpretation of graphics is too low, even if he wins with the help of textbooks or others, generally after a year or two, a few years later, he will still join the ranks of the losers That is, even if you are a homeopathic trader, if you can not understand the future emergence of new graphics, you will still die in the future in the hands of new graphics above a number of The death of homeopathic trading failure summary counter-trend will fail, but the vast majority of homeopathic will also fail my point is simple, try to exit the market, God is fair, to reap the rewards of this market, you need to have the ability and effort far beyond your imagination, rather than saying you homeopathic you will win, you take your chances and learn to win the technique you will always win

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