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The concept of international credit

because of the concept of speculation Forexrebateforyou rebateforexindonesia cashback forex is not very clear, many investors think that all foreign activities related to the transaction behavior belong to the foreign exchange category, in fact, not so broad highestrebateforex Forex rebate for you refers to all transnational funds lending activities, including international bank credit, export credit, government loans, international financial organizations credit getforexrebate international capital market business, etc.: narrow international credit refers to Commercial banks on international trade, capital finance and loans to foreign banks, governments, companies or private enterprises with the in-depth development of international trade and international finance, international credit business has been widely attached to commercial banks in various countries, in many large commercial banks, international credit business is an important source of income international credit business is generally divided into medium and long-term credit and short-term credit international credit concept Obviously different from speculation in foreign exchange, we are talking about foreign exchange activities are generally for the relationship between the purchase and sale of currency futures will also be included in many foreign exchange trading platform to provide trading functions in the hope that investors to recognize the difference between international medium and long-term credit refers to more than 1 year of funds lending, mainly export credit, including sellers credit and buyers credit, forfaiting business and syndicated loans and other kinds of International short-term credit usually refers to the borrowing period of less than 1 year, including bank-to-bank credit that is interbank lending and bank-to-non-bank customer credit which bank-to-non-bank customer credit is generally directly linked to international trade, including import and export charges, packaged lending, bonding agency business and import and export goods note acceptance discount, etc. Speculation on foreign exchange does not seem to be so troublesome, especially in The foreign exchange trading platform to operate, investors just need to follow the appropriate method of analysis and then direct trading can be international credit and foreign exchange between the essence of the difference, the investor personal foreign exchange trading activities are purely between the purchase and sale of currency, relatively speaking the scope is still relatively narrow speculation foreign exchange although the scope is not so large, but in fact the transaction is not so easy, investors have to develop a good The investor should develop their own trading strategy and plan, and strive to achieve a scientific and reasonable analysis of the market situation

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