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The components of fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange market

The foreign getforexrebate market Forexrebateforyou methods cashback forex fundamental analysis highestrebateforex technical analysis of two kinds of this section focuses on the components of fundamental analysis, fundamental analysis consists of macroeconomic data, political and news factors, capital markets three major components macroeconomic data include: interest Forex rebate for you changes, gross domestic product, inflation, unemployment rate, etc. Interest rate changes: interest rates are an important factor affecting the exchange rate The interest rate is an important factor that affects the exchange rate, usually set by the central bank, if inflation rises, the interest rate rebateforexindonesia be raised, and when inflation is controlled and the economy stabilizes, the exchange rate will be lowered. GDP is the total value of all goods and services expressed by the currency GDP rises that the countrys economic prosperity exchange rate rises, GDP falls that the countrys economy withered exchange rate weak Inflation: Inflation refers to the economic phenomenon in the conditions of money circulation, because the supply of money is greater than the need, resulting in the depreciation of the currency prices rise If a countrys inflation rate rises, then the value of its currency actually represents will be reduced, so that Unemployment rate: Unemployment rate refers to the number of employed people who are willing to work and still not involved in the workforce for a certain period of time. Political factors include regime change, coup détat, war, etc. From the perspective of capital security, when a similar situation occurs gold, the dollar will play the role of a safe haven gold because the default value preservation products for thousands of years, the dollar by virtue of the dollar behind the United States of Americas strong economic and political strength news factors are sudden factors affecting the exchange rate movements, market conditions tend to stabilize, the sudden importance of the news May immediately break this quiet, change the trend of foreign exchange march If a countrys stock market, real estate and other performance, it will attract the inflow of international funds, which will drive the exchange rate up  

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