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The best choice is to leave the foreign exchange platform in these 10 situations

1. late deposit, delayed withdrawal We have said many times that the most important Forex rebate for you sensitive th rebateforexindonesiag for traders highestrebateforex the money problem, so we list this as the number one cause of customer loss is actually quite understandable: when depositing: traders Forexrebateforyou in a period of high emotions, and are eager to start getforexrebate if the deposit process takes a long time, the trader cashback forex immediately be like a pot of cold water. If the deposit process takes a long time, the trader will immediately be poured a pot of cold water and his enthusiasm will soon disappear. Platform and trading problems upgrade trading platform is very recognized by customers, in addition, the platform for a long time maintenance, hardware and software bugs, can not log into the trading account, or even DDoS or hacking, will bring a lot of trouble to the customer Such times, the broker timely and customer communication can still be a great understanding, but if the trading platform itself has a lot of problems, such as quotes However, if the trading platform itself has a lot of problems, such as delayed quotes, slow connection or execution of transactions, etc., then it is obvious that the broker has a problem customers are not stupid, they will consider that the broker may not pay attention to the infrastructure, perhaps it is unable to provide a stable and adequate trading environment 3. If a trader chooses a broker only because he wants to trade minor and rare currency pairs, such as the EUR/CZK, there is a high probability that the trader will leave when the broker no longer offers trading in that currency pair 4. Thankfully, the forex market has always been very competitive, with a large number of new brokers being added every year, which keeps the spreads on forex trading very low, especially for major currency pairs, which have been trending downwards, but the spread conditions for some of the less active pairs are not as good, even a small increase in spreads can result in higher costs for traders, especially scalping Traders may be more willing to change platforms if they find lower spreads on the currency pairs they are interested in on other platforms with little difference in platform features 5. There are many clients trading on small accounts and they may not be able to meet the increased minimum trading volume requirements. If a broker offers a variety of convenient access channels, discontinuing one of them is not a big problem. However, if a broker has only two access channels, and it suddenly discontinues one of them, traders are left with only one option and not all traders have a fixed access channel, so you can imagine the inconvenience. When opening a real account with a broker, traders have to provide the broker with their contact information. Even if you sign up for a demo account, sometimes you need contact information. Some brokers make full use of this contact information and constantly urge these potential clients to deposit and trade more by phone or email. 8. The high risk of forex trading with scam warnings all over the internet, whether its a problem with the broker or a problem with the trader, can often lead us to see negative reviews of many brokers on the internet. If there are a lot of warnings, customers will naturally look for evidence to analyze and distinguish between true and false. Although this does not necessarily mean that these companies are fraudulent (for example, a legitimate offshore broker soliciting customers in the United States does not pose a threat to the companys non-U.S. customers), a thorough investigation of the broker is necessary. When a trader needs customer support, there is already a problem, maybe a trading obstacle, missing or unclear information, in short, a problem that requires customer support is usually something traders want to solve as soon as possible. will choose to leave

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