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The application of the window of time

In some stock market Forexrebateforyous://">getforexrebate currency market comments, we often hear the term w rebateforexindonesiadow of Forex rebate for you, the window of time may be many friends understand its meaning, but how to correctly apply the window of time, not all friends understand, today and we talk about the correct application of the window of time The window of time highestrebateforex a kind of application of the cycle method, the use of the cycle, different doctrines and different technical analysis tools have Different methods of use, wave theory in the application of the cycle is based on the Fibonacci number of examples, while the Gann theory, the division of the cycle and the application of his unique definition of what we often say the window of time is actually the Fibonacci number of examples commonly used in wave theory, Fibonacci number of examples is the simplest number 123 for the basic series, the last two digits of this simple number of examples constantly add up, 1 + 2 = 32 + 3 = 53 + 5 =32+3=53+5=85+8=138+13=2113+21=3421+34=5534+55=8955+89=144 Then you can come up with Fibonacci number examples 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…… and so on to infinity What is the use of this number example? When we analyze the price trend, we hope to find the inflection point of the trend early, that is, the top and bottom, and in practice, some important top to top time, bottom to bottom time, top to bottom time, bottom to top time, bottom to top time mostly appear in the numbers of this number example, for example, we often see a price trend top corresponds to a high point in front of often 34 days 55 days, or 13 weeks 21 weeks, etc., or A trend from the lowest point to start, in 13 weeks, 21 weeks, 34 weeks or 55 weeks where the trend ends so in the course of a trend, we will pay close attention to those who may appear inflection point in time, generally on those places prone to inflection point called the window of time, the window of time has basically become a synonym for the Fibonacci number of examples The basic theory of the window of time is not difficult to understand, but its practical First of all, the window of time cycle analysis is a method belonging to the wave theory, wave theory in the three elements of the form, proportion, the period of the analysis of the cycle to be combined with the wave form, when the price trend to a window of time near, we must first observe the trend pattern whether there is a top and bottom pattern, if the wave form on the top and bottom of the possibility, then if there is a time cycle If the wave pattern has the possibility of a top and bottom, then if there is a time period, then the probability of a top and bottom is very high, but if there is no obvious top and bottom pattern characteristics, just a window of time, can not be fully used as a criterion to judge the top and bottom, because the wave theory in the form, proportion, the importance of the cycle is in decreasing order Second, the principle of the cycle of the window of time is not rigidly applied in that time level of the trend, that is, as large as the monthly, as small as 5 In general, the size of the cycle to use, because the large cycle will be set in the small cycle, they are not contradictory, for example, 21 days of the cycle, which is exactly five weeks of the cycle, only the first day of the fifth week is the first day of the top and bottom of the possibility of a larger so in the application of the For example, this month is 13 months from the previous high, and now the price is rising, so there may be a top this month, and if the price is falling, there may be a bottom, for example, we see from the big pattern and the big cycle that there may be a top on the monthly line this month. For example, we can see from the large pattern and the large cycle of this months monthly line may be a top, that specific week it is that we need to use the weekly projection, you can project down from the last high, if you push to a certain week is 55 weeks that, this week the possibility of a high point, or from 13 months before the high point behind a minimum projection, see which week of the month is an important time cycle, find the specific week is the intersection of the two major cycles, and then from the Daily, look at the day of the week and the front of the short-term trend of the high and low point is a corresponding cycle point, so you can basically determine the day in which the turning point may appear Third, the use of the window of time, be careful not to advance, it is best to lag, such as this week is an important window of time, and the price pattern may appear inflection point, but if we enter on Monday to find the top or bottom, that If the top and bottom appear this week on Friday, then you think about it, five days of time, how big the price change will be, we can not afford to make that big error in price, the high of the British pound against the yen in early June this year, we had projected that it was the highest price corresponding to the previous 21 weeks, but we made a short order at the beginning of the week, the result was it repeatedly tossed for a few days, and I also wrote in Fridays strategy to, and then survive todays British-Japanese short orders will be fine, but it is precisely on Friday night British-Japanese in the news stimulated instantly hit a high of more than 205, and hit off our stop loss on the rapid fall, the results of that wave of the market we missed a large so, with the time cycle projection somewhere may appear top and bottom, it is best to wait for the trend after the panic plate can basically confirm the top and bottom appeared, but if there is no panic disk, then we must be careful, because any time a relatively large top and bottom will not be very gentle, in the absence of panic disk before the early single, it is very likely that when the panic disk, was swept off the stop loss if an important window of time on the top and bottom before entering the operation, it will not appear again to sweep off the stop loss back to the problem, but also to have appeared top and bottom to do stop-loss point, the relative difficulty of the operation is Fourth, the Fibonacci number of examples can also help us determine the end of a local adjustment pattern time (because the large adjustment itself can form a trend), such as local price trend adjustment, that it in the end to adjust how long it, in the study of the adjustment pattern at the same time, we can use the time period of the time chart to count, such as 21 hours, 34 four hours, etc., if an adjustment pattern If an adjustment pattern happens to fall on a small window of time in the time chart, we can also take this pattern and the confluence of time as the entry point. This can also be used to project a small window of time, such as the daily level of small consolidation belt is often a consolidation of 5 days, 8 days or 13 days of intermediate adjustment time is about 21 days, these help us to find a better time to enter the market

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