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The actual skills and forex trading methods of speculation

speculation fo rebateforex Forexrebateforyoudonesiaeign exchange can getforexrebate rely on luck cashback forex intuition  If you do not have a fixed Forex rebate for you style, then your profit highestrebateforex likely to be very random, that is, by luck this profit can not last long or one day bad luck will have the same loss trading intuition is important, but only rely on intuition to do trading is a risky behavior, understand the reasons for profit and the development of The most important thing is to understand the reasons for the profits and the development of your personal profit-making operation  make good use of stop-loss orders to reduce the risk  when you do trade at the same time should establish a tolerable range of losses, make good use of stop-loss trading, in order not to have a huge loss, loss range according to the account capital situation in case of stop-loss also do not euphoria, because you have removed the market continues to turn bad, the risk of unlimited expansion of losses  make good use of financial management Budget, do not use the necessary funds for capital  Do not use your living funds as the capital of the transaction, the financial pressure will mislead your investment strategy, increasing the risk of trading, and lead to greater mistakes  Make good use of free demo accounts, learn to speculate in foreign exchange  Beginners to learn patiently, step by step, do not rush to open a real trading account can first try a demo account, in In the learning process of demo trading, your main goal is to develop a personal operating strategy and type, when your profitability is increasing, the amount of monthly profits gradually rise, that you can open a real trading account to speculate on foreign exchange Note to the real trading mentality to do demo trading, the faster you enter the situation, the faster you can develop the appropriate skills can be applied to the real trading must treat demo trading as real The reason why you have developed the skills to be successful in your trading is because you have developed the skills to be successful in your trading  measure your trading volume according to the amount of your account, do not overtrade Generally speaking, each trade should not risk more than 10% of your account funds based on this rule, you can effectively control the risk of trading too many mouths at once is not a wise approach, it is easy to generate uncontrolled losses  learn to thoroughly implement trading strategies nbsp; Learn to execute the trading strategy thoroughly, do not find excuses to overturn the original decision  To avoid this fatal mistake, it is necessary to remember a simple rule: do not let the risk exceed the original set tolerable range, once the loss has reached the original set limit, do not hesitate to close the position immediately!   Trading capital should be sufficient  The smaller the account amount, the greater the risk of trading, so avoid letting the trading account is only enough to 50 points fluctuation level, such an account amount is not allowed to make a mistake, but even experienced speculators in foreign exchange also have errors in judgment at times  mistakes are inevitable, to remember the lessons, do not repeat the mistakes  mistakes and losses are inevitable In addition, learn to control your emotions, dont be proud of the money you made, and dont be frustrated by the losses. The less personal emotions you have, the better you can see the market and make the right decisions. When you understand the reason for each loss, it means that you have taken a step forward in the road to profit, because you have found the right direction  your own worst enemy  the biggest enemy of traders is yourself - greed, impatience, out-of-control emotions, lack of defensiveness, excessive ego and so on, it is easy for you to ignore Dont trade simply because you havent traded in a long time or because youre bored. There is no standard rule about how much you have to trade in a certain period  Record the factors that determine trading  Keep a detailed daily record of the factors that determine trading, whether there was any news or other reasons that made you make a trading decision, and then after youve made the trade If it is a profitable trading result, it means that your analysis is correct, when similar or the same factors appear again, the record of the trade you made will help you to make the right trading decision quickly; of course, the record of losing trades can let you avoid making the same mistakes again You cant remember all the trading experience in your mind, so this record helps to improve your trading skills   operate with the trend, dont go against it  remember the old general rule of the market: terminate loss-making parts as soon as possible, and put profit-making parts for as long as you can hold them.   Do not have the mentality of trading in a hurry to turn around  In the face of a loss situation, remember not to rush to open a new position in the opposite direction in an attempt to turn around, which often only makes the situation worse Only in the event that you think the original forecast and decision is completely wrong, you can close the losing position as soon as possible and then open a new position in the opposite direction Do not play a guessing game with the market changes and miss trading opportunities, it is better than incurring losses Better than incurring a loss  Trade independently each time  Never link two or more trades together! Remember that each transaction is an independent transaction  For example, after selling the yen at 121.00 after a stop loss at 120.50 3 days later, after analysis, that the dollar will rise now can buy the dollar to sell the yen, but the current price of 120.80, then, do not think that the last transaction in 120.50 stop loss, now to sell at 120.80 is very uneconomical, have to wait for the last stop loss level to fall back to 120.50 below before entering the market so that the connection is not only not helpful, but also easy to miss a good opportunity! As long as the analysis, to determine the entry, stop loss, take profit price of this transaction, you can decisively enter the market

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