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Speculation in foreign exchange how to judge the trend

The difficulty of speculation rebatef Forexrebateforyouexindonesia foreign exchange, one Forex rebate for you to distinguish the getforexrebate is long, short or cashback forex pattern, the second is to overcome the human weaknesses of operating against the market, for this reason we must continue to accumulate experience to increase awareness, but also to the fundamentals of the technical aspects of diligent research highestrebateforex judgment, shedding this and there is no shortcut to let the trend do your friend In the floating exchange rate system, any kind of foreign exchange market only three, namely, rising market, falling market and consolidation market in the foreign exchange market. The consolidation market accounts for about 70%-80% of the annual trading day, the remaining 20%-30% are long or short market has a consolidation market, the investor must first distinguish the consolidation range, and then sell in the upper range, the lower buy, that is, the so-called low buy high sell, in order to obtain profits, and the risk is not too big, investors can rational implementation of the stop-loss strategy, and even increase the amount of investment to obtain But most people in the market still want to grasp the timely 20%-30% of the long or short market, the main reason for homeopathic operation is that the profits of homeopathic operation is very substantial, and the number of stop-loss exit and lower, so the additional cost is greatly reduced not to mention that homeopathic operators are only implementers and not inventors, only in accordance with the existing market trends to buy and sell can be, is part of "Knowing all the lines are easy" type, so market participants believe that "Trend is your friend" (Trendisyourfriend) but in the actual transaction there are two problems: one is how to distinguish the market is long, short or consolidation pattern; one is "counter-trend operation". First, "counter-trend operation" is extremely difficult to overcome human weaknesses for human weaknesses to overcome, usually through the accumulation of experience, suffered losses and increased awareness and other ways

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