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Soros to get rich eight crystals of wisdom

1, the most important thing Forex rebate for you character Soros very important to the character of the partner, he believes that financial speculation needs to take a lot of risk, getforexrebate immoral people Forexrebateforyou highestrebateforex willing to take the risk of such people are not suitable to engage in responsible, aggressive high-risk speculative business any engaged in risky business but can not face the consequences of people, are not good hands in his team, investment style can be completely different, but character Must be reliable 2. What did Dekem Miller learn from Soros?  a. It is not important to judge right or wrong, what is important is how much profit you get cashback forex you are right and how much you lose when you are wrong b. When there is an opportunity to make a profit, never shrink away when you are sure about a deal, give the other side a fatal blow, that is, it is not enough to do right, to get as much as possible c. At the same time, he also realized that if the operation is too much, even if the market judgment correct, will still be a failure 3, for others, making rebateforexindonesia is a source of shame and therefore reluctant to admit mistakes while for me, admitting mistakes is a matter of pride I can admit mistakes, will also forgive others for making mistakes this is the basis of my harmonious co-working with others making mistakes is nothing to be ashamed of, only to know that mistakes are not corrected is a shame 4, when you have the opportunity to expand Never shy away if at first you get a good profit, you should continue to expand 5, people do not have a complete understanding of things, and thus affect the integrity of the thing itself, to come up with the opposite of the popular view popular prejudices and dominant trends reinforce each other, until the distance between the two is so large that it must cause a catastrophe, which is what you have to pay special attention to, and it is at this time is very likely The phenomenon of surge and plunge occurred 6, cognitive incompleteness == > humans make mistakes == > reflex theory == > surge and plunge theory 7, December 8, 1985, wrote in the diary: when I am sure of something, as if I had witnessed it all, and want to see as much as I want Comments: Master this A move is called a psychological preview, can greatly ease the tension inside when holding a large position, the necessary character of the winner 8, never bet alone

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