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Short-term operation characteristics and requirements

  The requirements of the rebateforex cashback forexdonesia Forexrebateforyou operation getforexrebate that in stock trading, because everyones personality is different, so the operating methods will highestrebateforex be the same Generally speaking, greedy people are not suitable for short term operation, because the short term operation to speed, in the up market to reach the target profit on the exit, in the down market to the target stop loss price will stop loss if the personality greedy, the target If you are greedy Forex rebate for you do not want to get out of the target profit, but fantasize about maximizing profits, then it is possible to ride the roller coaster, which is a profitable stock will end up losing money and if you look at the wrong market, do the wrong stock and do not want to stop loss in time, then it is possible that the deeper the set, and finally the short term is forced to make a long term personality impatient people are not suitable for short term, because there are many people just see the stock profits are ready to run away. Can not care about the amount of profit, only to run slow stock prices down again, so many times will miss the next wave of rising market and in the decline, and not to observe the decline in stock prices is a real decline or the main force of malicious shorting, desperately running out, which often cut the meat to the floor so in the short term operation, the first thing to do is to develop a good operating discipline, the discipline to form a text, placed in a prominent position, at any time to remind They have to comply with the operational discipline to achieve the goal for the purpose of operation, can not casually change the operational discipline in the process of operation In the short term before the operation, to develop a detailed operational plan, set a good stop-win point and stop-loss point to reach the target price on the exit, down below the acceptable price on the firm stop loss; rather than see the stock rose to the target price after the shedding out, has been covered because you are carrying out the short term Operation, if the market is good can also be more profit, but if the market is oscillating, then the taste of riding a roller coaster should be very uncomfortable and see the hands of the stock fell below the stop-loss price and can not stop loss, it is possible that the deeper the set if in a bull market, you have the opportunity to turn around; but if in a bear market, you can imagine the losses brought about by this method of operation because we emphasize here is Short-term operation, so your operating strategy should be based on the characteristics of the short term operation to develop, if arbitrary change, short term profit is very difficult to do in the short term operation, do not carry out unnecessary operations many investors like to operate frequently, regardless of whether there is no profit, as long as you see the stock price rose on the eager to sell or buy, some investors even in less than a point of profit on the eager to sell, or a loss of less than A point to run away from such too frequent operations want to profit is too difficult, the commission if very high, this profit is afraid that even the brokerage commission is not enough to pay because I often encounter such investors, and this is also to make me feel the most headache I have a fixed group, whenever I listen to their stocks up a little, or even tens of dollars of high-priced shares up a couple of cents shouting to get out of the time, I am particularly depressed Although they earn money and I have nothing to do, but this willingness to work for the brokerage behavior really let me speechless, I can do only desperately stop them, let them wait so in the short term manipulation, the first thing to observe the daily oscillation of the stock how big, there is no room for profitable operation, how much profitability only to make an accurate judgment, and the development of a good operating plan before entering the operation of short term selling Principle (1) must not be affected by their own buy cost of profit and loss, should be based on broad market policy news, up and down the beat pattern and the magnitude of the rise and fall and other information comprehensive judgment if it is time to fall, then either lose or earn must be unconditionally out (2) active selling point: you buy the stock has been a certain amount of gain (3% to 30%), and feel that the stock has appeared to rise weak phenomenon, and the volume of energy Can not continue to enlarge, the lack of upward momentum, this time should consider selling at a high level (3) 3 to 5 days in a row in the sun, once the rise is weak, it should be decisive exit (4) refuse to appear in the negative and large negative, once it appears, immediately sell (5) feel that the market tomorrow and downward adjustment, should be sold to temporarily avoid (6) the negative line eat the original positive 1/3, then consider selling at any time, eat half then sell (7) break the 5 day line to sell, break the 10 day line must sell, break the 5 week average must sell (8) the sudden emergence of negative, to sell at the first time (9) buy after feeling cheated, then immediately exit at a high (10) break the strong support line, immediately sell (11) 30 day average turn down, all clear out (12) stocks should rest 2 to 3 days after selling, and then wait for a big rise in stocks Stocks can not be bought and sold every day tired will not make money, making money is not tired 365 days a year, only 1/5 of the time to hold shares, that is, more than 60 days, the rest of the time should be short positions usually should be a great patience heart, observation, research, speculation, once you find a big time to come, it is a full position to kill, decisive entry so that the nine lives a death, win more lose less 

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