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Short term trading using quote systems

The reason people generally like to cashback forex trade sh getforexrebatet term highestrebateforex because then there is no risk of an overnight change of day They worry about major shifts from tonights close to tomorrow morn Forexrebateforyougs open They worry about news, changes, Forex rebate for you price fluctuations rebateforexindonesia they cant grasp They like to let the dust settle at the end of the day, or win, or lose, or draw, without having to bring home the distress of a loss that Interfering with their sleep is right! These are all true, but in life there are gains and losses what you give up in day trading short term is the aforementioned opportunity to master large, sustained swings For most people, the term short term trading means staring at the quote screen 24/7 on market trading days You can imagine a man or woman under extreme pressure, with both ears hanging on the phone, screaming Chicago, buy Of course, thats a crazy way to trade, and if you want to trade that way, its best to first determine whether your personality fits. Ill tell you what I think that personality should look like, and then Ill tell you whats revealed in the pursuit of the highest achievement in futures trading. If you are the kind of person who needs time to make decisions, or who makes decisions and then doesnt act on them, then this is not the game for you. Short term trading with this quality requires the trader to be able to immediately catch the market movement and, if needed, to reverse the previous decision in just a few seconds. If you cant maintain a high level of concentration, youll be out of business. These people tend to forget to take action or miss the critical minute, the critical 60 seconds that make the difference between life and death in a trade (because of physical or mental reasons). When your spouse calls and asks you about the garden or the plumbing, or a close boyfriend or girlfriend calls in for a chat, its even harder to do. If you can, you are qualified for this business today, if not, finally think twice about whether you want to pursue a career as a day trader. I can safely say that the moment you get distracted by the phone is the moment the market takes advantage of your inattention and makes a major move. This is not a business for die-hard people

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