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Recognize the three averages teach you to easily invest in foreign exchange

When the long opportunity to come, rebateforexindonesiavestors should keep a clear head, do not suffer from loss, highestrebateforex do medium and long term position intentions As the Forex rebate for you r getforexrebatees, the investors account profits will increase day by day, as long as the 30-day Forexrebateforyou is still running up, there is no need to rush to close positions until one day the 30-day average from the rise began to go flat, and there are signs of turning down signs, it is time to close the position and leave the field In the process of foreign exchange up, we see from the graph all the K lines are running above the cashback forex averages, while they constitute a strong support for the upward movement, the market looks like three lines pulled up, so it may be imaginatively called the foreign exchange market three lines hold I have seen many people invest in foreign exchange every day busy in and out, today earned a little on the giddy, tomorrow lost some of the I have seen many people investing in foreign exchange every day, today earned a little on the glee, tomorrow lost some on the sad face, regardless of the loss is busy with most investors a few months down a count did not earn any money, there may be losses, look back at the offer was amazed: the market rose so much, their own trading results are actually so bad! Some people look forward to the big market every day, and when the big market comes but are unaware of it, so that the opportunity to run away under their noses how not to let the big market slip away? How to get the most profit? In fact, the method of judging the big market is not complicated, nor is it too profound, a simple method I call the three lines held very effective, here to share with investors Why look at the three lines The big market is not generated overnight, it takes a long time to brew, need a solid bottom pattern for support, but also need a complete shift from the short market to the long market, which is the intrinsic nature of the big market The so-called solid bottom pattern, that is, after the end of the long-term short market, the market in a certain position no longer fall, and then repeatedly oscillate within a small range, the bottom is slowly raised, showing that the power of shorting is gradually consumed, the power to do more is slowly accumulating its form may be a variety of, such as the bottom triangle, circular bottom, head and shoulders bottom, etc., investors should not be too bound to judge the bottom of the form in the end In line with what name, the key is to find in this form the power of the short side in the gradual consumption, and the power of the parties in the gradual strengthening so that you see the essence of the form rather than the shape of the appearance, which is the essence of technical analysis, so once investors see the bottom of such a time, we must be ready to make a lot of money When to know the market to start it? We have to look at three moving averages, namely: 10-day average, 30-day average and 60-day average Why choose these three averages? Because they represent three different time periods: the 10-day average indicates the short-run direction, the 30-day average indicates the medium-run direction, and the 60-day average indicates the long-run direction When the three moving averages through the bottom of the brewing pattern and bonding, it means that the markets short-term cost, medium-term cost and long-term cost are in the same state. Then the market again down the power is basically dried up, if combined with the end of the previous short market, you can basically determine the big market is coming big market start time can be determined: when the 10-day average up through the 30-day average, 30-day average up through the 60-day average, and the three averages are all up in a long arrangement, or three averages from the bonding state, the Begin to run up slowly disperse in a multi-headed arrangement, you can be sure that the big market has begun mentality is very important in the initial stage of the market, because the short force is not completely out of the market, many investors still have the inertia of short thinking, so the market shock is relatively large, this time a lot of confused investors tend to jump in the shock process will be running at high speed in the foreign exchange train, later regret investors as long as Seeing the bottom of the market in the process of oscillation is constantly rising, there is no need to worry too much and miss the huge profit opportunities in the long term Review history, the foreign exchange market every year there are one or two such big quotes, we use the three averages to judge the method, you can easily get the ideal income, is the medium and long term investors to win the magic weapon

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