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Parabolic indicator SAR comprehensive application

   Forex rebate for you analys getforexrebate function From the rebateforex cashback forexdonesia indicator SAR analysis principle can be seen SAR indicator formation process contains the content of the Forexrebateforyou trend, that is, contains a long trend and short trend market no matter how to change, is around the long and short two trends, and the parabolic indicator SAR on the market of this SAR has a strong sensitivity to such changes in the market, especially in the stop-loss aspect is more unique  How do investors understand the stop-loss operation? The so-called stop-loss operation refers to when the investor in the purchase of stocks, due to the timing and price of its purchase of stocks is not very reasonable, it appeared after the purchase not only did not rise, but fell, resulting in losses, and then the investor should consider the minimum loss suffered by the period of selling stocks, that is, so that its losses stop as soon as possible, this is the market operation of the stop-loss function, parabolic indicator SAR has this function, which How does the Parabolic Indicator SAR achieve its stop-loss function? When the stock price deviates from the parabolic SAR indicator, the parabolic indicator SAR will show a stop-loss signal. The protective function of the parabolic indicator SAR is reflected in the following cases, that is, when investors want to make money in the stock market, they should first learn to protect their capital from losses before they can talk about making money, that is, to understand the idea of defense before attacking because we all know that it is more difficult to sell tickets than to buy them, Investors in the application of other technical analysis indicators to buy stocks, if the stock price fell unexpectedly, then you should use the parabolic indicator SAR to help their own stop-loss operation, that is, to protect their capital, not to lose too much money In addition, the parabolic indicator SAR stop-loss nature can also be understood as a two-way stop-loss, in the market when the more to air can not not sell tickets, in the market when the air to more can not buy tickets that The parabolic indicator can analyze the selling and buying of the market. In summary, this is the analysis function of the parabolic indicator SAR, which investors should fully understand

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