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Only talk about failures and lessons do not talk about success and gains

combined with personal experience of trading views of several stages: (only talk about failures getforexreb cashback forexe lessons, do highestrebateforex talk about success and gains) the very beginning of the Forexrebateforyou think forex trading is a good shortcut, because do not have to deal with complex interpersonal relationships, at home on the Forex rebate for younternet can make money ... ...  For rebateforexindonesia reason, I worked hard at the same time I slowly gave up my studies and focused on trading later, experienced doubling, bursting, making money, losing money, found that this line as long as you learn the technology, find the Holy Grail, is still a shortcut to success...   For this reason, I worked hard at the same time I completely give up school, not to go to class, exams also does not matter, refused to cheat self-respect, because I am "incredibly confident" that the future can be rich through trading, and do not need a diploma and work and then later, I left school, I chose to trade full-time, at this time, although abused by the market I still love it, because I always believe I will succeed, I will become a winner...  For this reason, I still work hard and then later, I found that a single technology and system is not enough, the success of trading also has to have "internal skills", so I desperately cultivate internal skills, when I thought their mindset, risk control, technology are incredibly mature, I failed again I first doubted the feasibility of this line of work, so I went out to find work ...  Because I did not get a bachelors degree, many good positions and companies can only miss, only to be reduced to a small salesman at that time I was optimistic, still do not think a paper diploma what is important (now sometimes thinking, if you can start over, of course, there is no chance of starting over ....) writing, memories and remorse surged to the heart, a little heartbroken at this time, five flavors, incomparable ..... When there is time to fool around again! In general, as far as I am concerned, the three stages of foreign exchange trading: shortcut to success in life - optional, leave foreign exchange can do other as successful - after doing other found or foreign exchange the most "easy ", maybe this life if you can not make money by foreign exchange, it is basically ruined

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