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On the economic laws and economic fundamentals

rebatef Forexrebateforyouexindonesia the cashback forex getforexrebate highestrebateforex, the overall economic laws affect everything, determine the economic fundamentals (policy generation and data good or bad); and economic fundamentals can only be due to the orientation of the market speculative forces, instantaneous impact on the exchange rate trend, the overall economic law of the formation of the strength of the weakness Forex rebate for you not an overnight thing, more unlikely because of a news data (or economic policy or even unexpected events) Release (or occurrence) and change, which is why the foreign exchange market is recognized as relatively speaking the most fair market reason! To give a simple example: now everywhere is talking about the Japanese government to intervene in the exchange rate, but I wonder if anyone has ever thought, if you can say intervention on intervention, when you want to intervene on intervention, that what the Western government has not long been rich! Japan as the largest foreign exchange reserves of the country, its more than 400 billion U.S. dollars and nearly two trillion U.S. dollars flowing in the market every day compared to what is it? Whats more, has anyone thought carefully to analyze the real position and purpose of the Japanese government, the reasonable price of the yen at this stage, the interests of the various classes (especially the top capitalist class)! Is it true that the rally of the U.S. dollar yesterday was entirely because of strong manufacturing data? Is this period of time to see a lot of exchange friends often discuss or can also be said to be afraid of a topic of government intervention, in fact, I think there may be a cognitive misunderstanding, is the foreign exchange market is really so unsound? Can say intervention on intervention? Can the artificial control really change the economic fundamentals? What is called foreign exchange’s? Is foreign exchange is not a true reflection of a countrys comprehensive national conditions? Japanese people want to export money, want to devalue the yen, do other Chinese, Europeans, Americans do not want to export money? What does the devaluation of the yen represent to a certain extent? Isnt it the corresponding appreciation of other currencies? And what is the real purpose of every so-called intervention by the Japanese government? (Economic purpose? Political purpose?) What is the final result (or effect)? And what is the commonality of their timing? Why do more than 80% of retail investors (small and medium-sized investors) always lose money in the Forex market, the most exciting game in the world? As a zero-sum game, since so many people lose money every day, what exactly are the people who win money? And through what means (political, technical, or even similar to stealing, but much more sophisticated means) do they win money? I wonder if you have ever thought about this! 97 Hong Kong financial crisis, ostensibly with the full support of the Chinese government to defeat the attempts of Soros, but the battle of the Hong Kong government lost money in the end who earned it? Since it is a zero-sum game, someone loses money, someone must win money! And after that time, Hong Kongs economy went all the way backwards, so who do people say the real winners really are? Besides, in 9394, the U.S. dollar / yen rose sharply, up to 78 yen / 1 U.S. dollar, ostensibly on the foreign exchange market, but ultimately the biggest victim is who? The answer is China! Therefore, I hope that we can maintain a normal (or spectator) mentality to calmly understand and treat this kind of news or rumors, do not be used by the real big players, do the market fodder or stepping stones!

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