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Make good deals make good risk control!

Every time I see a lot of cashback forex posting desperate post", "chopping post", "venting post", many people posting get Forexrebateforyouexrebate just to make themselves more self-discipline, want to make themselves more rational through this way, so that the rebateforexindonesia plan of trading more The purpose of some friends to send shout single post, record post is also a lot (I have done before) but many times we will find themselves always "handy" to trade outside the plan of the transaction, in fact, this is because some people can not Forex rebate for you their own transactions and emotions (of course, there are always so many people can To do their own is their own highestrebateforex control), so this time you need help next to someone to monitor your account, do your risk control! In fact, many friends for the understanding of the risk control is also relatively shallow, think that the risk control is only to help themselves to reduce their positions (because many people because of leverage, will involuntarily increase positions, resulting in substantial losses) In fact, a good risk control will not only help you in adverse times effectively (more compulsive) control positions, but also in favorable circumstances to help you increase positions, so as to achieve The efficient use of funds and profit maximization (of course, this part is still difficult to control, especially for the proportion of earnings retracement control as well as the position of the point to grasp the position, which requires a more sophisticated technical skills, I have also been figuring out, of course, this and the way the transaction is also related, not necessarily the best choice to increase the position) In addition, for the corporate team (similar to hedge In addition, for corporatized teams (similar to hedge funds), because there are investors funds, risk control for traders on the use of funds actually have greater mandatory requirements and constraints, because after all, funds have a cost, can not wait indefinitely, risk control will require you as a trader to better grasp the timing to open positions, which for traders actually put forward higher requirements for most people, we generally do not go looking for a risk control to Help their own trading, most people can only choose their own as their own trading of the risk commissioner if you think you can not do a good job of their own trading of the risk control, then I think it is better to find someone to help you do risk control it This is actually very difficult for many people to do, but for you want to long-term development in the market, is necessary in addition to remember one thing: you can dominate your trading, but the risk control is dominating your "Money" hope that you can take the "risk control" concept to heart, cheer!

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