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Kidnapping murder jumping from a building...! The world of foreign exchange trading is a bit unsettled

In the eyes of the outside world, Forexrebateforyou highestrebateforex traders are reign Forex rebate for youg high masters However, what they do not see is cashback forex in the powerful money management, high profits behind the traders are still vulnerable in the financial markets In addition to the high risk of the market at any time, subject to enormous psychological pressure, foreign exchange traders are also frequently threatened by the personal safety of foreign exchange traders involved in violent kidnappings getforexrebate murders In addition to financial gain, there is also intense industry competition that leads to irrational behavior Case 1: Industry competition Reza Mokhtarian, a 33-year-old foreign exchange trader in Mississauga, Canada, said in early 2016 that he rebateforexindonesia kidnapped Mokhtarian said that 10 unidentified people with guns kidnapped him and beat him and illegally detained him for 15 hours before dumping him in a home. Mokhtarians wounds were revealed Mokhtarian is a forex trading instructor who recalls that 10 people were involved in the kidnapping and that he was threatened with a gun to his head Mokhtarian is convinced that it was caused by industry competition, but did not reveal which forex company was responsible. The hospital diagnosed him with broken ribs, concussion and cranial injury. The foreign exchange trader, named CheungZiHong, was found in the jungle from his FaceBook account and was living a prosperous life, with designer clothes and luxury cars and houses indicating a successful trading career. The night he was taken, Cheung also called his friends and relatives, saying that the kidnappers demanded a ransom of 50,000 ringgit from the time he was taken to the time his body was found, what happened during this time, but the police did not disclose, it is not clear whether Cheungs family had prepared a ransom of 50,000 ringgit to the kidnappers in October 10, when he was found, Cheung The three kidnappers, who were from Chechnya, were moving the 42-year-old programmer when they were arrested in March 2012 in the Russian Federations Republic of Kalmykia on suspicion of kidnapping a programmer from a foreign exchange trading platform. The programmer, named Igor Savanchuk, had developed a successful computer program for trading in the foreign exchange market. Igor had been working for the three kidnappers for two months, helping them to make a profit in the currency market. The three kidnappers car received a routine check at a traffic police checkpoint, Igor took the opportunity to escape from the car and asked the police for help, which led to the arrest of the kidnappers Case 4: Psychological stress at about two oclock on the afternoon of 18, 2014, a man fell to his death on the top floor of the 30th floor of the Standard Chartered Building in Hong Kong The 33-year-old man who jumped to his death was born J.P. Morgans foreign exchange trading department employees January 28 and February 10, 2014, J.P. Morgan in the United Kingdom and the United States, respectively, a 39-year-old vice president of IT and a 37-year-old program trader jumped to his death in a short period of time, an institution in a row three cases of suicide by jumping is not unusual, I wonder if they are also involved in the manipulation of the exchange rate investigation in investment banking, whether foreign exchange or securities sales department, the pressure is very high foreign exchange traders or salesmen usually trade gold, is the year, gold price movements are volatile many investment institutions have seen the wrong trend in gold, resulting in losses investment banking employees should have some psychological preparation for the enormous pressure of investment banking work Conclusion trader is a career, the essence of all professions, is a means of making a living many traders choose this career, I believe they are confused at first they do not know the hardships of the profession and the special aura after entering the industry, there may soon be part of the people switched to the industry, part of the people jumped, there are also part of the people suffered a variety of misfortune

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