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Japanese Candlestick Charting Tutorial (II)

Double C highestrebateforexlestick Pattern Engulfing Pattern Hammer Line Pattern and Hanging Line Pattern are made up of a single getforexrebate line as d Forex rebate for youcussed earlier, they can give important technical signals about the health of the market However, in the vast majority of cases, candlestick technical signals are made up of several candle lines combined together Engulfing Pattern is a major reversal rebateforexindonesia, which is made up of two candles of opposite color cashback forex bullish engulfing pattern is composed of two candles, which suggest that the market will continue to strengthen the market. This situation indicates that the pressure to buy the market has overwhelmed the pressure to sell the bearish engulfment pattern bearish engulfment pattern and bullish engulfment is the opposite of bearish engulfment pattern indicates that the market was moving toward higher Forexrebateforyous, but the former white entity is engulfed by the latter black entity, it constitutes a top reversal signal This situation indicates that the bears have taken away the ruling power from the bulls three discriminations of engulfment pattern Criteria: 1) the market must be in a clearly identifiable uptrend or downtrend before the engulfing pattern, even if the trend is short-lived; 2) the engulfing pattern must consist of 2 candle lines where the second candle line entity must cover the first candle line entity (but it does not necessarily need to engulf the upper and lower shadows of the former); 3) the second entity of the engulfing pattern must be the opposite color of the first entity The exception is that the entity of the first candlestick must be very small, so small that it almost constitutes a doji, or a doji so that if, after a long downtrend, a small white entity is engulfed by a huge white entity, then it may also constitute a bottom reversal pattern Conversely, in an uptrend, if a small black entity is engulfed by a huge black entity If the engulfing pattern has the following characteristics, then it is much more likely to constitute an important reversal signal. 1. In an engulfing pattern, the entity on the first day is very small and the entity on the second day is very large. If there is an ultra-long term uptrend after a sharp market movement, it increases the possibility that potential buyers have entered the market and are holding long positions. In this case, the market may lack sufficient supply of new long positions to continue to drive the market up. 3. In an engulfing pattern, the second entity is accompanied by excess volume This scenario may belong to a surge phenomenon; 4. In an engulfing pattern, the entity of the second day engulfs more than one flat top and flat bottom pattern A flat pattern is composed of two candle lines with almost the same horizontal high, or two candle lines with almost the same low The reason why this pattern is called In an uptrending market, a flat top pattern is formed when several candlesticks have the same highest point. If the price is in an uptrend, the first candle should be positive; second, the second candle should be negative if the price is going up; third, the shadows of the two candles should be the same length The flat top pattern should have the same high and the flat bottom pattern should have the same low Three candle patterns Morning Star and Twilight Star The morning star "morning star" as the name suggests: is when the sun has not yet risen, the darkest moment before dawn, a bright star in the sky to guide those who walk towards the light of the night, the future is certainly bullish in the foreign exchange market, the K-line chart "morning star "that indicates that the downtrend will end, the market is in the eve of the pull-up, the market out of the shadow of the fall, and gradually towards the light morning star generally consists of 3 trading days of 3 K lines: the first day, the price continues to fall, and due to panic selling and a huge negative, the trend is not good the second day, jumping down, but the decline is not large, the entity part is short, forming a star The main part of the part that constitutes the star, can be both negative and positive third day, a long positive line up, the price recovered most of the lost ground on the first day, the market issued an obvious bullish signal twilight star twilight star graphics, foreshadowing the market trend has topped, the time to sell quietly twilight star act as the top of the odds are very high, in the late bullish trend, be especially vigilant to this reversal signal twilight The star is also composed of three K lines: the first day, the market in a carnival to continue to rise, and pull out a long positive line the second day, continue to rush higher, but the end of the fall, the formation of the upper shadow, the entity part of the narrow, constitute the main body of the star third day, a sudden decline, or panic selling pressure, the price pulled out a long negative, erasing most of the first two days of the trend "twilight star The "twilight star" is a turning pattern consisting of three negative and positive candles, usually appearing after an uptrend 1, the first candle is a big positive candle that follows the previous uptrend, with strong buying, indicating that the uptrend continues; 2, the second candle can be a doji or spindle that appears after the opening of the cleft high This signal indicates that buyer pressure is gradually relieved and the price is likely to have topped out if the second candle has If the second candle has the same upper shadow as the shooting star, the reliability of the bearish turn signal is much higher; 3, the third candle is a negative candle with a strong sell order at this point the market has undergone a fundamental change and the downtrend has continued until the close of the market White Three Soldiers and Three Crows White Three Soldiers "White Three Soldiers" is a K-line combination pattern composed of three candles in a downtrend, the This price movement is very bullish and should not be ignored. The characteristics of the White Three Soldiers pattern are as follows: 1) three consecutive long positive lines with a higher closing price each day; 2) the opening price each day should be within the previous days entity; 3) the closing price each day should be at or near the highest point of the day Three Crows "Three Crows " is a K-line combination pattern, refers to the price in the run suddenly appeared three consecutive negative K-line combination, is a bearish signal three days closing price is lower than the day, and the daily closing price is basically the days lowest three crows consists of three negative lines: If the appearance of the top and on the way down, and the closing price of three trading days are to the decline, indicating that the selling is very heavy need If the price is at a relatively high level in the middle and late stages of an uptrend, the three crows are typical top-down K-line combinations with the following technical characteristics: 1) three consecutive negative lines; 2) daily closing prices are down; 3) closing prices are close to the daily minimum; 4) daily opening prices are within the solid part of the previous K-line; 5) the first negative line is The solid part of the first negative line, preferably lower than the highest price of the previous day two yang eat a yin and two yin eat a yin two yang eat a yin "two yang eat a yin" is a typical reversal pattern, the pattern appears at the bottom of the downtrend it is likely that the price downtrend is coming to an end, and indicates the opening of a new round of upward trend two yang eat a yin characteristics are as follows: 1. The first candle line should appear at the bottom of the downtrend and should be a long negative line; 2. The second candle line is positive and should close at least above the middle level of the first candle line; 3. The third candle line needs to close above the first candle line to confirm that buyer power has exceeded the previous dominant downtrend seller power two yin eat one yang as opposed to The "two yin eat one yang" pattern appears at the top of an uptrend, which means that the uptrend is likely to have ended and a new round of downtrends is about to start Two yin eat the same pattern has the following characteristics: 1, the first candle line should appear at the top of the uptrend line and is a long positive line; 2, the second candle line is negative and should fall back to at least 3, the third candle needs to fall below the low of the first candle to confirm that the sellers power has exceeded the previous buyers power candle summary summary: Japanese candle lines candle lines are drawn from the opening price, closing price, highest price and lowest price over a period of time ? if the closing price is higher than the opening price, it is a positive line; ? if the closing price is lower than the opening price, it If the closing price is lower than the opening price, it is a negative line; ? The filled part of the candle line is called the solid part; ? The thin lines above and below the solid part of the candle line are called shadows; ? The top of the upper shadow is called the high; ? The bottom of the lower shadow is called the low The longer the solid part means stronger buying or selling The longer the solid part, the more pressure there is on buying or selling A shorter solid part means very poor buyer or seller activity The upper shadow indicates the high of the session The lower shadow indicates the There are many Japanese candle patterns, but they can be divided by the number of candles into single candle patterns, double candle patterns and triple candle patterns The following table lists the most common types of candle patterns: Finally, there are some words to keep in mind: candle patterns only suggest a possible reversal or continuation of the pattern, it does not mean that things will happen 100% You must always take into account the market conditions and what the price is telling you You must always take into account the market conditions and what the price is really telling you.

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