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Is it advisable to look at the daily chart in Forex How to see daily trading in Forex

rebateforexindonesias it adv Forex rebate for youable to look at the daily chart in Forex? How do you look at the daily chart in Forex? I have never seen a chart below 30 minutes since I started my first live trading I just got into the door when a friend created a speculative short Forexrebateforyou method by himself, but less than a year later, $10,000 was gone This is even more convinced highestrebateforex they do getforexrebate look at the short term chart too many murmurs regardless of the pattern cashback forex can not be well grasped from some foreign forums to understand that many friends have developed a number of trading systems. 15 minutes as the main chart for trading, I often see 15 minutes immediately throw away that trading system, these days, a friend engaged in the financial industry also some days told me a fact, in a foreign exchange broker there, open an account no less than a few thousand, can play a draw of about less than 200, stable profit less than 50, observed their trading records, are mainly medium-term trading also said A sentence, most of them are looking at the daily chart trading Dow / trend I have been very doubtful that those who constantly draw lines on the 15-minute chart friends whether they have read the stock market barometer, Dow theory, stock market trends technical analysis of these books once a friend in my blog message said, "Dow is a theory, not only for the stock market and the average and from the average of the trend indicators including Trend line drawing method is the trend theory and then the specific expression of the stock market form and method", can be seen, this friend actually said that the Dow theory and trend theory is two things! I do not read such a person is very feel helpless which I believe also reflects that many people in the use of Dow theory simply do not get it Dow in the sentence "intra-day fluctuations can not grasp", to seize the "main trend", pay attention to "secondary trends", ignore the "minor trends", in the stock market trend technical analysis of the book said "minor trends - they are short-lived (rarely last to They are short-lived (rarely lasting up to three weeks - usually less than six days) price swings that dont make much sense on their own from a Dow Theory perspective, but they add up to a medium-sized trend usually (but not always), a medium-sized price movement (either a secondary trend or a fragment of the underlying trend in between) consisting of a string of three or more distinguishable The conclusions drawn from these day-to-day fluctuations often tend to mislead investors that minor trends are the only trends of the three mentioned above that can be "manipulated" (although the idea that "even under current market conditions they can be manipulated at will" is questionable). The basic trend and secondary trend can not be manipulated, even the U.S. Treasury Department does not have the financial strength to manipulate them" After reading this paragraph, I am very doubtful how to judge the major trend in 15 minutes? From the establishment of the Dow Theory to now, every so-called trend is built on the daily chart, we then turn over the book they wrote at the time, you can more clearly understand what is the trend, the trend of a day formed? Is it formed in a few hours? In the early years of futures friends know that in a day a lot of sharp rise and fall of the market, in an hour back and forth a few dozen, the question is, how to grasp such a market? I really wish I was a god, I can control the price well but I think lesson (Li Sen) is how the Bank of Bahrain sent away a lot of friends have been complaining, saying that now the false breakthrough and real breakthrough is not easy to identify, I asked, he said in the one-hour chart, an upward channel, said broken it, fell a dozen points and run back I often laugh and pass or say, I also met more ridiculous, that friend said, "Ive never seen more than a day chart, today you said, just look at" I listened to is very surprised a friend talked about, he used waves in 15 minutes to determine the pattern and trend of the source of wave theory, or to learn the first step in wave theory to understand is the Dow theory Why? The "Dow Theory" pioneered technical analysis, the first to put forward the concept of "trend" and the wave theory is to set a pattern for this trend so that the trend involved in the time involved, the trend can not be formed in a day thanks to some friends through the EWI (Elliott Wave International) translated some good articles, which have a number of cases of the use of wave theory, it is strange that are operating on the daily chart which understand the Dow is not difficult to understand, but do not understand the Dow is difficult to say 15 minutes to judge the trend, I have not found that the master can do very well, but once or twice or can, it is said that the short term are not good D-Charlie Not so good to learn a candle a day I guess many friends are relatively lazy reading, or read not fine I also have reason to suspect that many friends simply have not read the Japanese candlestick chart book candlestick chart origin we all know is invented in the 18th century in Little Japans Honma Soujou, there is also a wine field method of warfare said the original candle is to Honma Soujou used to record the rice trend we can analyze, at that time, the Do we take the candles to the hour precisely? Note that the number of people trading at that time would never be tens of thousands, according to the book, about 1,300 people or more, such a small number, the fluctuations will not be very large, or large fluctuations will not be many and, I can be sure that absolutely no one draws dozens of candles a day then, it is clear that a candle a day I hope you can hear this, because it is very important, more precisely, I have traded Ive been trading for a few years now, and Ive only just realized that there is only one candle a day, so when were chasing non-farm payrolls, inflation data, etc., do we feel a little lost? As the book says, all candles should be used on the daily chart candles are only one a day, so why do we trade every day? If candles are based on human judgment, or more broadly speaking, technical analysis is based on human judgment, what if we could better capture the human psyche? We all come to do fed, or do Greenspan like, say a "irrational prosperity"? The best way is to catch the long-term tendency, and that is the trend of short term, medium term, long term I in the early days, short term refers to the daily short term, medium term is about three to five days, long term is about a month later again adjusted, short term for about three to five days, medium term a week to a month or so, long term more than a month and then later I called the short term I can earn 100 points to 500 points between the The market, the medium-term for more than 500 points 1000 points below the market, the long term is more than 1000 points I have a reason for this division if I earn in a wave of the market is not enough 100 points, it is not the market, nor the trend, is the consolidation, or I should be resting without direction, why so much effort every day trading it? Is it up or down? See clearly, if not clear, that can not and should not be traded in accordance with my division, a year should only be traded a few times in the medium is enough for us to earn as for the short term, daily fluctuations are 100 points to 200 points, that is idle bored to operate the market long term temporarily dare not say, because their positions are not large enough, may not be able to withstand large losses, so it can only say that in the currency market I am not Baffert later I will More to Soros to learn, because many people say he is a short term trading, the truth is, look 92 years blocking the pound (1.4076,0.0027,0.19%), the pound under 6000 points, took six months we believe that he may have shipped out in six months, but the only no one doubts is that he definitely will not ship his short term in a few days is the real short term, although his is a predator short term, we are a small shrimp level of short term when one day we are careful to place a single, found themselves only the original pursuit of intra-day fluctuations, then it is best not to talk about trends yes, that is the fluctuations, not the trend trend out, before you choose to do short term or medium term or something this is the operation, you can be called the currency market maker and the fact is, many of us are seeking such a fluctuation, every day to get anxious ears The fact is that many of us are looking for such a fluctuation, and every day get burnt out, and finally fail? Or success? A failed trade can lose all though, volatility is the beginning of the trend, but the problem is that we are following rather than making the trend to do foreign exchange for a long time friends understand that the currency market runs 100 points to 200 points a day, either up or down, rarely will appear burr, in fact the chance of burr is there, but we look over the chart well to understand that the burr is not often in then, in such intra-day fluctuations As long as you look right once, you are the winner note that is short term we can become super short term, but short-term profits are not the ultimate pursuit as I said, short term is idle nothing to do when doing we look at the daily candle, even if the daily operation of a single, I do not know how everyones system win probability, but I believe that it will not be much higher than tossing a coin and say so, this is the short term we do single In fact, you can think about a book, homeopathic chase empty, if it really bounced, with a good small stop loss is just a loss of this single, and then homeopathic chase can be, and this unilateral market this homeopathic earn a single probability is much higher than your counter-trend single, ask what reason you have not to do a short single This is the first time Ive ever seen a short term. In contrast to many customers are not willing to follow the trend of single, in the so-called "low" to do more than a single, the author is also said to be very helpless at least you even do not master the single skills, do not mention how much money you want to earn, not to accumulate steps to a thousand miles, you have lost in the starting line of course more technical analysis, based on the above analysis, or you The very favorite single tips and so on

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