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Investment risk tolerance test analysis

Know you getforexrebateself Forex rebate for you your opponent, in order to not lose a hundred battles rebateforexindonesia also involves r highestrebateforexk, different risk tolerance of investors, it is reasonable to choose the risk and return of matching products Learn to invest in financial management is the first step is to clearly understand their own risk tolerance, if you are not clear how much investment risk you can bear, the following test may provide you with a reference   1, please describe the most important reason for your choice of investment is?  A. To cope with the pressure of inflation Forexrebateforyou. To increase current income cashback forex. To achieve capital appreciation D. To increase capital appreciation and future income 2、Assuming that you can choose between a fixed salary and commission commission, or a mixture of both, how would you choose your job income?  A. All fixed salary B. Mainly fixed salary C. Half of fixed salary and half of commission D. Mainly commission E. All commission 3. As an investor, how do you assess your investment experience compared to others?  A. Basically inexperienced B. Lower than average C. Average D. Higher than average E. Very experienced 4、When you make a big investment decision, how do you usually feel?  A. very pessimistic B. somewhat pessimistic C. somewhat optimistic D. very optimistic 5、A department store is on sale at a discount, full of 5,000 yuan to get a discount, you will A. not be moved at all B. depending on whether there is a suitable product C. quickly get to 5,000 in order to receive the prize 6、Suppose you invest 10,000 yuan in a fund, but a loss of 15% in a week you can not see what the reason is. The general market has not fallen so much, what will you do?  A. Clear your position, sell all the funds, and then put into a less volatile fund B. Sell half of the fund C. Wait for the price to rebound and then sell D. Cover the position to reduce the average cost of investment E. Do nothing (think this is normal) 7、If friends borrow money from you, you will A. Usually do not lend money to people B. First ask the motive of borrowing money, and then consider their convenience C. Borrow if you have. 8、How long do you want your investment to start making profit? In other words, how long is your investment period in general?  A. Less than 1 year B. Between 1 and 4 years C. Between 4 and 6 years D. Between 6 and 8 years E. More than 8 years Test instructions (1 point for A, 2 points for B, 3 points for C, 4 points for D, 5 points for E) Test analysis 1 If your score is below 10 points, you are an extremely conservative investor, unwilling to face investment losses; will not actively participate in risky investments  Test Analysis 2 If your score is 11-15, you are a conservative investor, generally willing to accept the status quo and will not engage in risky investments without special reasons Test Analysis 3 If your score is 16-22, you have the concept of risky investments and will gain more profit if you have more guts Test Analysis 4 If your score is 22 or more, you are an aggressive investor. You will be bold to invest as long as you recognize the direction of profitable investment

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