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Intraday trading skills do breakthrough look big do small

Forexrebateforyou 5 m rebateforexindonesiautes K-line, the largest volume K-line as a benchmark, such as the opening 5 minutes, the highestrebateforex can st getforexrebate above to do more, in the bottom to do short until the second determine the price of a large number, there may be a new direction that Forex rebate for you, put a large number of not down, the price is going to stop falling, put a large number of up, the short term may rise to the head of the upward process and down The process of rising and falling volume requirements are different, the rising process needs to continue to evenly release volume, 5 minutes in the K-line evenly release volume, indicating that the upward trend will continue, if there is a significant reduction in volume or a very large volume, the rise may come to an end down different, down as long as the volume when breaking some key position, the downward trend will continue to hold positions first look at the morning position increase area, if the morning position increase more, on To this area as a benchmark, the price is easy to rise above the region, the price is easy to fall below the region such as in the rise to a certain price level, has not been rising, and has been increasing positions, the price of a lower than a low, increasing positions stalled, is a very good time to throw short, or increase positions stalled easy to rebound after increasing positions slowly reduce positions in the process, the price will slowly move, the price direction is likely to be the right direction Due to the different characteristics of the rise and fall, I generally only increase the position lagging up as a basis for operation, and increase the position lagging down as a reference basis average price line in the oscillating city, the price will be close to the average price line, so oscillating city, if the price is far from the average price line, open a position in the direction of the average price line single-sided city to do just the opposite if the price has been standing above the average price line, in the rebound to the average price line nearby, to not break the average price line Price long and short principle is the same how to determine the oscillating market and unilateral market? To use the above "volume", first determine the possible general direction, and then use the above "position", and the position must be after the increase in positions, before the possibility of large fluctuations, that is, the low increase in positions to increase the volume, the price has been running above the increase in positions to increase the volume area Do more high level position increment, the price has been running below the incremental incremental area, prone to diving appear the above two situations in accordance with the unilateral ideas to do, if the early position nothing changes, the volume is not active, according to the idea of oscillation to do sudden huge volume release easy to the bottom of the top, but not necessarily the top and bottom, may also be the stage high, this time you can first not chase the market, wait for a pullback or stand still and then do Decision also means that if it is not a platform just cashback forex, but the development of the market a certain distance away, the release should not panic when chasing the market down after the release of huge volume shrinkage up easy to see the bottom, up put huge volume of shrinkage down easy to see the top of the market is always shrinkage, release volume constantly cycle price rise or fall, continued steady release, but the volume is not particularly huge, indicating that the trend is very healthy how to choose trading varieties? I generally look in the morning to see if there is a better daily pattern and more critical points if the lower edge of the dense trading area broke, you can follow up at any time, simply put, the K-line level finishing pattern, whether it is up or down, to do a breakthrough to find the breakthrough of this interval if the daily does not, the day will also be looking for such an interval on the minute chart to do a breakthrough is about looking big to do small, to do a breakthrough in the pattern should follow the general trend In the decline in the M-head is more likely to fall established, may be a true breakthrough, the same reason, concern about other top and bottom patterns and then is to find pressure, find support, look at the strength of the disk if the disk strength is not large, its effectiveness is high, can not break through can be done in reverse, if the strength is large, after the breakthrough of the market will generally go a large section, especially the important pre-high and low points the author said the breakthrough is to do form breakthrough the simplest form is Triangle convergence, rectangular breakthrough, horizontal breakthrough all things have convergence and then breakthrough process, in the convergence to the extreme is to breakthrough, this time to combine the large cycle, to determine the direction of the breakthrough so that the breakthrough is powerful, effective, space breakthrough in addition to the large structure, small form, there are W, M, V and other classic effective small structure, but also combined with the large cycle, resistance support, to determine the effectiveness, the Determine the validity and then operate, so that a trading day can operate really not much opportunity if there is a mistake, then stop loss, stop loss must be small stop loss to be combined with the form, choose the high and low points close to set the form is reliable, to be combined with the large cycle to determine the set stop loss, to work on the small structure, intra-day trading so will be small losses, big profits, stable profits are also water in the daily breakthrough, small The cycle can be enlarged, from the time, to the daily, and then to the weekly reasoning is similar or even the same, only the investor in the operation of a change in mentality, it is time to break through their past trading habits I believe that investors of their own breakthrough, is convinced that they can survive in the futures market, and full commitment and focus while the understanding of the multi-cycle resonance breakthrough, I believe that is the continuous practice, meet the inaction I think that many people take futures trading as gambling, the operation will be with arbitrariness, win or lose will be more concerned about the profit and loss is often due to luck to trade as a practice, every day care about the consistency of entry and exit, the perfection of the trading system, and finally is a breakthrough of self, success

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