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In foreign exchange trading what kind of system is the vitality of the trading system

as an investor Forex rebate for you more relevant to say Forexrebateforyou the trader, from the beginning of the analysis to the order to trade, cashback forex then to close the end of this getforexrebate process of thinking and behavior, is what we call "foreign exchange trading highestrebateforex" on the investment of what kind of understanding, will lead to what kind of analysis The way, what kind of analysis will lead to what kind of operation, what kind of operation will lead to trading results This series of movements constitute the "trading system" For example, in the beginning of trading, many friends can rebateforexindonesia be very logical to consider buying and selling, think or hear to rise so buy, earn, happy to close, a system After buying, you find that you lose, a bit of chaos, continue to judge, until the reaction, stop loss or wait; wait for two results, one is the price is back, one is not back to lose more and more of the above is also the traders "investment system", the difference is that not logical enough The difference is that a "system" that is not logical enough will lead to frequent losses. Everyone uses different methods of analysis in trading, has a different understanding of investment and a different ability to generalize logic, which leads us to use different trading systems when trading. The "system" must have these characteristics 1, direction, that is, we through their own trading system to know whether they should buy or sell, right or wrong is not the point, must have to determine the direction of the transaction if our "system" can not give us an accurate If our "system" does not give us an accurate trading direction (right or wrong), but can only draw conclusions similar to the experts "if the breakthrough XX may reach XX, or to XX force should be XX", we can only regret to say that our trading system is fundamentally not valid, similar to such analysis conclusions have no way to bring any substantial help to our investment transactions 2 If our system gives us the conclusion that "we are still in the market", we can only regret that our trading system is fundamentally not valid. If our system, to bring us to the conclusion of "we have to look again, and then observe the observation, etc.", can also indicate that our trading system is not established, or at least is not any executable 3, the ability to win and lose, each trading "system" has its own way of profit and loss, which is also This is a fact that we all know but do not want to believe - there is no 100% correct investment for a trading system, the existence of these two ways is certain so that when using the "trading system" will find the "system" of profitability or loss. The system that contains the above three points is a viable system, which can be verified over a long period of time, and what does a good "trading system" bring to us? Through a period of system trading, the account will be more profit than loss, this is the fundamental, but also we need to take into account when building their own trading system if our system brings us long-term losses, improve the system:) do trading need to have a basic ability - you can find the ability of a variety of volatility Not to judge, but to let the trading system to guide you into the field, out of the field you need to do, just comply with and implement; at a certain stage to correct the only this ability and personal experience and talent related to any of the varieties of its trading rules are different; even the same species, different cycles are different; not to mention the indicators, K-line combinations, and so on these very specific things, there is no certainty For example, the general public often judge the direction of entry, which is bound to be wrong, predicting the market is the most unwise but need to know, in this position, if I enter, how my profit-loss ratio, the approximate rate of victory, to increase the position, then under what circumstances? After having a trading system, you still need to consider these to artificially avoid some unnecessary transactions, which is called the art of trading range, is also known as trading intuition trading system is not, it is more to consider; trading no special effects quick fix, the need is to think about emphasizing the execution, I have too many friends around this no execution Author: Yihai Princess

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