Forex rebate for you chart, also known as the daily K line, originated in Japan K line rebateforexindonesia a columnar line, composed of shadow Forexrebateforyou entity shadow line in the upper part of the entity called the upper shadow line, the lower part called the lower shadow line entit……" />

Forex rebate for you

How to master forex trading k line chart

K highestrebateforexs://">Forex rebate for you chart, also known as the daily K line, originated in Japan K line rebateforexindonesia a columnar line, composed of shadow Forexrebateforyou entity shadow line in the upper part of the entity called the upper shadow line, the lower part called the lower shadow line entity divided into positive and negative two, also known as red (positive) line and black (negative) line a K line record is the price movement of a particular stock for a day K line will be the increase or decrease in the power of buyers and sellers with Transformation process and the results of the battle with graphics after nearly 100 years of use and improvement, K-line theory is widely accepted by investors top such as wearing head broken feet, meet the top if the hanging neck line, is certainly the hanging line dark clouds over the top of the wind blowing, dark clouds on the city to destroy the pouring rain is too poisonous, downtrend everyone afraid of the top rose propeller, landing will tie you double flying crows called in the air, the top of the trend ominous Mega three crows flying in the sky, high open low walk each black faint friends counter-attack exhausted kind, only suitable to make empty top out shooting star, the hands of the chips fast clear flat top graphics gas exhausted, quickly leave the field I am confident that the top of the body of six armor, up and down of the fine identification of true and false T. word line to reach the top, throw chips do not count to cashback forex down turn line, a closer look at the shape of the chart like a sword encounter down resistance shape, sure negative lines do not see clear low-grade circling hidden killing opportunity, the paralyze carelessness sitting slide twilight star go to the head, do not do dead long top appear tower-shaped top, the air side is sure to set a trap top appear false three suns, must leave the field to it to prevent the top see rub line, quickly leave the money to cash the air spike is really fierce, the lower shadow test to seek counterattack met down three consecutive negative, sure plunge arrow through the heart a look down three stars, do not rush carefully to identify the end of the line appears, will fall to put you in a downward trend Three cranes fall on the chart, three suns do guest joyful on the file hovering hidden killing opportunity, too long will go low top stand black three soldiers, turn to be sure to see clearly two black sandwich a red, multiple may want to go bear top a see cross long, quickly leave the field for peace slowly fall heroic, and then do not leave the field money bag loose down cover line a see, that the head has appeared flat bottom appear fine observation, test buy hands not hemp dawn horizon, grab some chips is the idea of the rising sun put light, full position to buy on the sailing buddy counter-attack probe bottom Ming, shoulder bottom echo more see clear bottom now wear head broken feet, and see buying opportunities to come bottom see hammerhead line, double bottom echo and appear bottom body six armor shape, please try to grab into the chips bottom propeller now shape, just waiting for the wind blowing morning star east Ming, with gap more see clear end down three consecutive negative, ready to enter to pick up gold two red sandwich a black The bottom of the tower-shaped bottom of the composition, the bottom of the water-loaded stock price rise process appears at the bottom of the cross long, really a typical combination of strong positive line right shoulder cross long, the initial stage of rising fierce bottom to see the inverted hammer head, the upper shadow line long happy heart rise in the trend to see the three crows, clearly stored in the waiting for the development of multiple sharp soldiers is really fierce, inserted into the bottom of the empty camp appeared red three soldiers, the average above the Big Dipper inverted T. word line to the bottom, the upper shadow line long high octave bottom to see the T. word line, the dealer oscillation to deceive people bottom to see the end of the line, the typical combination is the sword bottom to see the head and shoulders bottom, concern about the stock price right shoulder up double bottom graphics to see the neckline, break back to try is the key V. shape reversal is really fierce, the typical formula to remember the bottom right triangle, three bottom the same line Prime rising right triangle, two points to buy can be really spiritual rising flag to remember the heart, bite two points do not relax falling wedge to remember. The graph is the flag triangle breakthrough gap to the north, the volume is large to it engine island reversal in the bottom, add buy dont spit back round bottom graph careful observation, along the arc slowly climb high air to see the head and shoulders top, head and shoulders off the field brain awake air appear round arc top, slowly sink someone collar spike top graph momentum is fierce, a flight to the sky to no trace diffusion triangle is the horn, oscillation left small right big island reversal in the top, sell on the gap up wedge false upward attack, and finally or downward rush down flag is the fire pit, the high point up false pull up down right triangle, the low is at the same level down convergence triangle, oscillation becomes small direction clear

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