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We all know that highestrebateforex rebateforex Forexrebateforyoudonesia margin Forex rebate for you gains are very high, but at the same time the r getforexrebatek is also very high forex trading investors are often in contact with the time can not grasp the stable profit cashback forex avoid the risk of the method that in the end how to be in the fickle foreign exchange market quotes in the hint of the trend, to avoid the risk and at the same time stable income?   A, the reasons for losses in foreign exchange trading why newcomers to the foreign exchange market are prone to lose money and blow up, in fact, these easy to lose traders have some similarities First of all, the first point is that there is no trading plan, this situation is more common among newcomers, trading is more unstructured, more random Second is heavy trading, heavy risk will be multiplied, so it is easier to lead to blow up, the author believes that heavy positions are The most important reason for the blowout of the third counter-trend trading, foreign exchange trading to follow the trend, the trend is our partner fourth no discipline to have a fluke mentality, some foreign exchange novices arbitrarily close positions, no concept of stop loss because we can not guarantee that the market trend and our judgment completely consistent, stop loss plays a role in controlling the risk of the fifth, impulsive and emotional which is very taboo in foreign exchange trading The foreign exchange market fluctuations are more likely to trigger emotional ups and downs, so if you want to make money in foreign exchange trading, investors must always remain calm Second, the basic discipline of foreign exchange trading for these we can summarize in the foreign exchange market for How to make money in foreign exchange trading, first of all, each single to set a stop loss, to ensure control of risk and stable profit Stop loss is the lifeline of foreign exchange traders, it can minimize the losses of investors 2. light position some people will feel that this is slower to make money, but the real long survival of traders in the foreign exchange market, understand to avoid risk, the long flow of water, the accumulation of water into more is The first important trading risk is reflected in a large part of the size of the position, investors should be based on their own capital and operation level of reasonable judgment of their ability to bear the risk, to limit their maximum position 3. The rest of the funds for the margin when you carry out the operation, to think clearly about the possibility of profit and loss 5. maintain a good trading mentality, whether it is victory or defeat to sum up the experience; to maintain sufficient patience and rationality, do not let emotions affect your operation forex trading three small principles 1. closing principle as forex homeopathic trading closing signals, mainly using the Dow Theory, channel, the Wave analysis, k-line, k-line combination, average, macd and other indicator signals Note: forex homeopathic trading exit signal, also requires multiple signal verification, only as an exit signal; and counter-trend trading, a reliable signal issued can be used as an exit signal 2. Do not make excuses, reasons or expectations, rush to leave the market 3. trading hours to choose to engage in foreign exchange trading is best to choose the market is more active trading hours for the foreign exchange market is 16:00 Beijing time (daylight saving time is 15:00) European opening to 1:00 (daylight saving time is 0:00) relatively active, during this period there are many important data releases and news events in Europe and the United States, is The most volatile market, the most involved traders trading hours, is also the most conducive to trading, making money trading hours

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