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How to do a good 15-minute chart (M15) under the foreign exchange short term trading

cashback forex, forex short term rely on high win rate to win forex short term expected profit space Forex rebate for you limited, only a high win rate, in order to offset the spread cost, but also profitable that how to highestrebateforex a high win rate? There are many ways, one of them is to do only certainty of the market is the point is critical, the opportunity is rare, do getforexrebate take the shot, must wait until the opportunity has been determined, the form is completed, the market began to start, most market participants underst rebateforexindonesia how to go next, and then take the shot to earn, earn more or less does not matter, but must not lose the time to lose, lose a little to run, and the number of times to lose to less Generally calculated, the win- Forexrebateforyou ratio to 7:3 or more to this concept, you can think instead of the expected profit-loss ratio per single can become a little bit smaller The opposite example of a high win rate is 99 wins and 1 loss, each single tie or only earn a few points, the loss of that 1 single dead carry not flat, direct loss to burst 2, the action should be fast in order to achieve a high win rate, the technical requirements in and out are fast, to be accurate, accurate to 1 Minute level, after the single 1 minute to see, worse 5 minutes to see, least 15 minutes to understand the market direction not only need to enter the price suitable, more importantly, the timing of entry should also be accurate like to carry a loss single, slow stop loss, do not do 3, screening opportunities even M15 chart, the opportunity is also very little, do not think that narrowing the level, there are many opportunities to identify the trend, and only do one direction will be in the direction of the loss. And only do a direction, will take a little bit of a rare advantage in the market relatively speaking, the most difficult short term, the least recommended but, things have two sides, the most exercise, small capital accumulation of principal is also the fastest ultra-short and, the subject you say you are stable, how a stable method? The capital will be small if it is stable? Foreign exchange is about money, not perfectionists, do not try to do everything 1H stable, just concentrate on making money with it, do not do things they are not good at I know a bull, is a heavy position small stop loss, do 1 minute chart position is very large, either turn over, or burst position but this persons success rate is very high, and a turn over on the profits out, leaving the principal to continue to do, I rarely see him miss, I rarely see him miss. I rarely see him miss, once the miss, for him is only the loss of a principal just a time to try, but found that he could not replicate his success, or give up and honestly do large cycles this person is the most diligent and willing to put in the effort to study the trader I have seen and I admire him more is that he can always do a rollover on the profits, not compounding the rollover, and not expand the position

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