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How to customize a forex investment strategy

forex highestrebateforexvestment strategy getforexrebate a lot of investors want a more effective investment techniques then, how to draw up a forex investment strategy?   a, the direction of Forexrebateforyou: first consider the direction of the rebateforexindonesia short, medium Forex rebate for you long-term trends, decide to want to carry out the operation is of that kind, so as to carry out the operation of the layout of the long term operation direction of the first emphasis on "potential", follow the direction of the market to operate, do not subjective pre-determined top and bottom medium-term operation is more important "volume", that is, the performance of the market with the volume of prices, in the medium-term band trend, the volume of prices Relationship reveals a fairly important signal, with the technical analysis of the trend, as a reference on the operation in the short term operation, the focus is on "breakthrough", such as a breakthrough after a long disk, purely from a technical point of view to seek the cashback forexst entry point to the short term technical analysis as the basis for entry and exit Two, capital planning: after deciding on the direction of operation, must make the overall capital planning first Decide to operate the part how big, usually with the input capital as a reference, long-term parts can be a higher proportion of funds invested, short-term parts preferably not more than one-third of the total input funds in the control of funds, the most taboo throwing all the money into the market if a wrong look at the market, the follow-up will not have the funds to operate again In addition, in the strategy set time, must first calculate the profit and loss after the operation If each time you enter the market to maintain a profit-loss ratio of 3:1, each time you make money, 50% of the profit will be added to the next transaction as the amount of the transaction, the next transaction amount when the loss is deducted from the amount of loss minus the amount of operation, then even if only one-half of the win rate, the chance of losing five times into the transaction is 0.1875, in the long-term perspective, the chance of loss Therefore, good capital planning almost determines the good and bad operating strategy, must not underestimate it Third, the attack and defense to have a plan The formulation of the strategy of the first importance of defense, with a solid defense plan to be able to attack the outside, as if two armies fighting without strong backing or flexible retreat, the chances of victory is bound to be low, but easy to flow in a backwater battle, a desperate bet Gambling At the beginning of the start of trading, often face the market up and down, sometimes profit and sometimes loss dilemma if not up to the bottom line of defense, do not be impatient, must have patience and self-discipline, to avoid the emotional ups and downs affect the success or failure of the operation in the development of trading strategies, but also to prepare a good offensive strategy, when to make a code? How much to increase? The offensive plan can enhance profits, but relatively may also cause greater losses, do not make a loss when the action to increase the code Try to view it from a business point of view, when you enter a batch of goods but can not sell, and the market price is slipping, will you still enter the goods? The concept of the code is also the same, when the market operation is in a state of loss, as the goods into the stagnant, only think of ways to deal with losses, how to have the strength to add code again So that the perfect attack plan can be in the field before the transaction that is to understand the maximum loss of each transaction, in the ability to bear the scope, the face of short-term market fluctuations that can be handled with ease Fourth, the stop-loss point Set In the face of different stages of operation, the setting of the stop-loss point is also different in the long term operation, the choice of stop-loss needs a higher proportion of the funds accounted for a higher proportion, to prevent a momentary reverse market and swept out of the field medium-term operation stop-loss selection usually tends to be technical, to the current trend line or the previous wave of high and low points as a reference basis In the choice of stop-loss tends to be Smaller pattern, often the previous days high and low points or opening and closing prices as a reference In addition, it is also necessary to consider the time stop-loss settings, in the development of operational strategies before that is to assume that the band market can last for a period of time, in the market should be launched and not launched when the trend, must be time stop-loss response, such a stop-loss is mostly applied to false breakthrough trend, its setup is more difficult, requiring extensive market experience, but investors can be observed by Historical trends in the observation of the past trends in the search for such false breakthrough phenomenon occurred a number of times, the number of days of its occurrence, as a reference for future operating strategies stop-loss point settings

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