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How to choose an online forex trading platform for newcomers

How to choose an onl rebateforexindonesiae forex trading platform for newcomers Forex rebate for you the focus of many investors attention At present, the mainstream regulatory licenses in the forex industry are the NFA of the United States, the FCA of the United Kingdom, the ASIC of Australia, as well as Belize regulation, Seychelles regulation, Middle East regulatory licenses, Japanese regulatory licenses, Vanuatu regulatory licenses, Cyprus regulatory licenses, etc. However For foreign exchange investors who are new to the industry, Australias ASIC getforexrebate the United Kingdoms FCA regulatory license is the most popular in China today, the two most recognized by investors license U.S. NFA although the regulation is very strong and strict, but the leverage is very low 50-100 times the leverage, and the regulation is also more for residents in the United States, the same currently has the real U.S. NFA full regulation of The FCA regulatory license is one of the most sought after regulatory categories for investors in mainland China, but with the recent introduction of the UK financial policy, in order to better protect the safety of investors capital, foreign exchange varieties The leverage of the transaction was significantly reduced, so that the original use of Chinese investors used to become a bit overwhelmed, on the contrary, the previous ASIC Australian regulatory license, there is no such provision, so now more and more foreign exchange investors will choose a relatively loose leverage has the Australian regulatory license platform to choose the current Chinese foreign exchange class trading environment, relatively responsible, which Filled with a lot of sets of brokerage firms, impostor brokerage firms, there is no license at all naked type of betting, investors open just into the foreign exchange industry by these dazzling, dazzling variety of platforms, made some selective difficulties so today and you just into the industry to talk about a new white investors, in the end which type of foreign exchange platform is more suitable for you 1. Platform cooperation with a regulated platform, which ensures the safety of the funds, and whether the brokerage background dare to do, so as to ensure that investors in a relatively transparent, safe trading environment for investment and trading 2. leverage does cashback forex need to start too high 100 times sufficient personal advice, just starting investors to do foreign exchange trading is not necessary too aggressive, just starting to contact foreign exchange, my personal advice is An experience and surfing high bar is to make your money more fully utilized, but the problem is that you can not just look at the benefits of running, the same risk must also be taken into account, the goal of friends who have just entered the industry is not to make money, but to learn to grow in the process of trading, to develop a good sense of doing single and plate, keep their capital is the first step, and do not have to learn from others brush single, because your purpose is to Test EA, without using too much principal cent account can be many smart traders, including friends with a certain computer programming base, will write many types of EA, when an EA is introduced, you must need to test the historical data, or live trading I do not recommend starting to use a large amount of money to test the market The same now many platforms launched cents account, you can use a small amount of money to verify whether this EA can be profitable in this big financial market below 4. see whether the platform has a cell phone terminal login Generally speaking, regular brokerage firms whether PC terminal, web terminal, cell phone terminal will have an interface, so that customers can be more flexible and convenient to do transactions, and likewise, some with bad purpose of the dark brokerage firms. In fact, the use of a cracked version of MT4, because there is no excuse for the mobile side, they will use a variety of reasons for investors not to use the mobile side of the transaction, which is also to help many newcomers to the industry to avoid the risk of a means of identification 5. spreads need not be too low, reasonable can be but if the transaction costs are too high please be sensible to traders who are new to the industry when choosing a platform, like to go for a lot of Nowadays, in the foreign exchange industry, spreads are becoming more and more transparent, and some brokers are deliberately putting very, very low spreads in order to better attract customers, which is not possible for a commercially operated broker, not only their own monthly operating costs, but also to enhance the customer experience, so without the support of reasonable profits, it is impossible to provide better quality services. The platform transaction costs are very high, and also set many trading rules, even the minimum number of lots traded is 0.5 lots, so the majority of investors for this type of brokerage, must be alert, alert, and then alert

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