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How much risk should I take per trade in forex trading

How much">Forex rebate for you get highestrebateforexrebate appropriate for each trade? This depends on the size of your Forexrebateforyou cashback forex the ability to bear the risk Different forex traders have different amounts of capital, and the ability to bear the risk is not the same The same $5000 account, some forex traders can afford to lose $100 per trade, while some forex traders cant accept more than $50 in a single loss I saw a forex trader show off his $600 account in a qq group this morning made more than $150 trading, such a master almost every day to see a lot of newcomers to his thumbs up, that he was too good, half a day to earn $150, a return of up to 25%! Its not his profits that concern me, its his risk. This forex trader has a $600+ account and he traded 0.5 lots of AUDUSD! I do not know how he set a stop loss, even 10 points of adverse fluctuations, he would have lost close to 10% of his capital, if it was stopped out 20 points, he would have lost 16% of his capital 10 points 20 points of fluctuations, sometimes just the blink of an eye If he had set a stop loss of 40 points for insurance purposes, the result of the stop loss was unfortunately triggered, he would have lost 33% of his principal If he had continued to trade in this way Not long, many people will not see this master over the years, I have witnessed many such foreign exchange traders, they use a few hundred dollars to enter the market, trying to accumulate enough trading capital in a short period of time, and then to trade for a living, but I have never seen anyone succeed for one reason only, because it is impractical, their trading risk is so high that it is impossible to control the degree of that is to say, these The problem is that in your trading career, you will encounter several such black swan events, you will be able to grasp it? For those who want to trade as long as possible, not to trade as gambling, to control their own destiny of forex traders, my advice is to do your best to protect your capital, trading as a serious occupation of risk control for each transaction should take as much risk, my advice is that conservative forex traders each time to bear 1% to 2% of the risk, for those who have more money and aggressive forex traders For those with more money and aggressive forex traders, the risk can be increased to 5% Here is a table of statistics for a $5,000 account with 1% risk per trade, even with 70 consistent losses, there is still 50% of the money left! Encounter sustained losses, those who are not good at risk management many forex traders will be eliminated from the market, while conservative and steady forex traders can continue to survive Even if you lose an average of $50 per loss, it will take 50 consecutive losses to lose 50% of the principal, whether 50 or 70 consecutive losses are unlikely, you want to avoid is a few times to lose half of the principal. If so, you want to turn around will become extremely difficult now look at the profit, even if you think 1:1 risk reward rate are very difficult to achieve, if each transaction your goal is to make a profit of $ 50 (no matter how much profit, each transaction principal are seen as $ 5,000), if you can achieve a daily profit of $ 50, a months profit is $ 1,000, than many working peoples income is also high! If you can make a profit of $50 a day, thats $1,000 a month. If you feel that a $5,000 account is a lot to achieve a profit of $50 a day, than you might as well raise the principal to $10,000 If you are living in a small county, $10,000 trading account, under strict control of risk conditions, to generate a daily profit of $30 to $50 (the principal is always seen as $10,000, you need to achieve a daily profit of 0.3 to 0.5%), you can basically achieve to trade for a living the ideal of course many small retail investors will lament that they do not have so much capital, if you are very small account, you have to lower their expectations under the premise of strict control of risk, you can hardly earn enough money to support your family, and obviously can not trade for a living for example, the above I said that more than $ 600 trading 0.5 lots of foreign exchange traders, his expectations are obviously too high, so He endured huge trading risks for less capital forex traders, you may wish to reduce the goal to, for example, the profit each month to pay the utility bills or buy a civilian clothes and other goals, or a year of profits with a trip to a similar goal in addition you can also save up profits, accumulate less into more, so that their forex trading capital slowly expand More forex learning - forex Beginner basics, how to speculate in foreign exchange, please visit: foreign exchange basics learning section 

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