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Fundamental analysis methods of the correct interpretation of the gross domestic product

getforexrebate concept: GDP, that Forex rebate for you, gross domestic product, the English name GrossDomesticProduct, usually abbreviated as GDP The rebateforexindonesiadicator is the most popular economic statistics in the macroeconomy, because it is considered to be the most important indicator to measure the development of the national economy. It is the gross domestic product at market prices, which is the final result of the productive activity of all resident units in a country (or region) during a certain period. In other words, the value created by the factories invested by Japanese companies in the U.S. will also be counted in the U.S. GDP. It involves real economic activities. Value form highestrebateforex formula of GDP: In terms of economics, there are three forms of GDP, namely, value form, income form and product form. In value form, it is the difference between the value of all goods and services produced by all resident units in a given period and the value of all non-fixed assets goods and services invested in the same period, i.e. the sum of the value added of all resident units; in income form, it is the sum of the income directly gene cashback forexd by all resident units in a given period; in product form, it is the end use of goods and services minus the imports of goods and services. In general, there are four different components of GDP, which include consumption, private investment, government spending and net exports expressed in the formula: GDP: C + I + C + X where: C is consumption, I is private investment, C is government spending, X is net exports GDP on the foreign exchange market: the faster the GDP Forexrebateforyou rate, the faster the countrys economic development, the slower the growth rate, the country The slower the growth rate, the slower the economic development of the country, if the GDP into negative growth, the country will undoubtedly fall into recession. Generally speaking, if the GDP growth rate is maintained, it will be supportive to the countrys currency, and vice versa. The growth rate here is a relative concept, suppose the GDP growth rate of A and B is 1.5% and 0.5% respectively, although the growth rate is not fast enough, but if this rate is maintained for a period of time, the currency of country A will move better than the currency of country B. Here is only considered the GDP factor, the actual foreign exchange trend but also a combination of other factors to see, but GDP is one of the most important economic data, the foreign exchange market has a greater impact. Western countries GDP is usually published monthly and quarterly, which is the most important quarterly GDP data, investors should examine the quarterly GDP and the previous quarter and the results of the same period last year compared to the data, the growth rate increased, or higher than expected, can be seen as positive. The above is a summary of the fundamental analysis, how to correctly interpret the gross domestic product, GDP data as a measure of national economic development of the most important indicator, new friends in doing fundamental analysis must be well read

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